Eric DuCharme

  • Majors: Management Information Systems and Business Management

What is your current job?

Data Analyst/ETL Developer at Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative

How did UW-Parkside help prepare you for this job?

My professors at UWP did a great job of working with the students, they took time to make sure that the students understood the material and made sure the courses were challenging and engaging. One of the biggest advantages were the opportunities outside of the classroom, I learned so many valuable lessons from mistakes that I made and from others who have already made the mistakes. One thing that I know for sure is that you must never stop learning, there is so much out there and in order to continue moving forward you must be willing to continually learn. 

What would be your advice to students at UW-Parkside currently pursuing a CBEC degree? 

Obviously make sure you go to class and pay attention, but make sure to get all you can out of the projects that you have. They are a great opportunity to be creative, pay close attention to detail and really explore new ideas. When you do that, it opens the door to learning outside of the classroom setting. This has helped me with solving difficult problems in the work force, and taught me that there is rarely a single solution. Instead there can be several ways to solve a problem. You can take bits and pieces of a handful of solutions to help find the most efficient one.

Eric DuCharme

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