Tony Aiello

  • Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin
  • Majors: Computer Science


Web Development, Business Management

Certificates in progress:

Cyber Security

What activities/organizations are you involved in?

Rainbow Alliance, Phi Eta Sigma Honors

Have you done an internship? Where?

Yes, UWP College of Business, Economics and Computing (CBEC)

Did you work a summer job? Where?

Yes. I did some of my internship over the summer on campus.

Best Place to Study:

Third floor of the library, where it is ultra quiet.

Best place to eat in Kenosha or Racine?

I'm Italian, so I was raised with good homemade Italian food. Infusino's in Racine is hands-down the closest thing to grandma's cooking. For desert, O&H Bakery is the only way to go! Did someone say kringle?

Favorite activity/place off-campus:

I like to volunteer for the entertainment security team at Pride Fest Milwaukee, at the Dance Pavilion. It's a big dance music party with famous artists that a group of us started a long time ago.

One of the best experiences is being able to drive around the Summer Fest grounds transporting important people, and securing the staging areas. It is the only Summerfest event that is 100% completely organized and operated by volunteers in the community.

Something interesting about me:

I was lucky enough to have experienced many great opportunities and worked with some amazing companies and production teams in the Milwaukee area.

Best class so far:

Economics 120. Dr. Bahmi made learning Principles of Microeconomics exciting and interesting. There was never a dull moment in class, and she engaged everyone for an exciting semester. Who knew learning about microeconomics would be so much fun?!

Favorite Professor:

Professor Gillespie. He reassured me that I am on the right path, and I'm doing the right thing by going back to finish my degree.

Best thing about being a student at UW-P:

Everyone here is friendly. I was very nervous during my first semester as a non-traditional student. I was afraid I'd overhear things like "Dude, he's as old as your dad!"

I quickly found out that I'm not the only non-traditional student here. In fact, there are  people much older than me who are returning students. It's never too late to go back for that degree.

Why did you pick UW-P:

I started UWP in 1979 but I took a 30-year spring break and accepted an exciting position in Milwaukee. Returning to finish what I started seemed the right thing to do. I have always wanted to go back to college and finish that degree. Now that I am here, I am extremely happy that I didn't choose a different school.

Best advice for getting the most out of college:

Never, ever miss class, and take lots of notes. I also like the fact that I can visit with my professors during their office hours if I need additional help. Take advantage of that. Professors are there to help. Take advantage of office hours if you need to.

Favorite quote:

"I kept waiting for someone to do something until I realized that I am someone." - George Takei (Sulu from the Original Star Trek Series)

Anthony Aiello

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345