Josh Santiago

Academic and Career Advisor

Contact Information:
Office: Wyllie D175
Phone: (262) 595-2395

Education: B.A., Sociology with a minor in Studio Arts, University of Wisconsin Parkside
M.S., Psychology, Northern Michigan University 

Hobbies:I have so many hobbies. I spend most of my time reading, running, and gaming. As long as I'm doing any one of those things I'm having fun.

Films/Books: I would say that my favorite movies of all time are the first three Indiana Jones movies.  Lost in Translation is a close second. I read a lot so it's hard to just pick a few. I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games, A Song of Fire and Ice, The Sandman, Starship Troopers, A Princes of Mars, and so many more! 

Things I Can Assist You With: 
I work with students who are still exploring and looking into all of their options! I also act as a liaison for the College of Business, Economics, and Computing (CBEC). So whether you're exploring or looking into CBEC I can help you look at your options. If you're done exploring I am also quite handy with cover letter, resume, and interview help. 

Personal Quotes: I consider myself a lifelong learner and a proud Alumni of UW-Parkside. When you step foot in to UW-Parkside you start a new adventure. Just like any adventure this one is full of twists, turns, challenges, and accomplishments. This great adventure you don't have to go through alone, and whether it is just a small question or a life altering decision we are here. The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint – The greats were great cause they paint a lot -Macklemore "I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making're doing something." ― Neil Gaiman

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