Sylvia Burns

  • Hometown: Racine, WI
  • Majors: Molecular Biology

Why did you choose Parkside?

"They have one of the best Molecular Biology programs in the state and Parkside is a great commuter school." 

What is your major?

"I have a bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Applied Molecular Biology." My goal after graduation is to conduct research in a lab setting."

What would you say to someone considering Parkside?

"Your experience is definitely what you make of it. I've had a lot of support from professors and other students. Parkside is a very friendly commuter school for non-traditional students, like myself."

How did coming to Parkside change your life?

"I was able to gain life experience. I failed some experiments, but then had success after multiple attempts. If I would've quit, I wouldn't have been able to get that degree. Parkside taught me that you have to fail a couple times in order to succeed."

Sylvia Burns

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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