Aaron Pope

Aaron Pope

  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Majors: Political Science

What activities/organizations are you involved in? 

I am currently an active executive board member of the Parkside Military Veterans Organization, serving as vice president.

Where will you live in the fall? 

I will continue splitting my time during the week between staying at home and at Ranger Hall during my long school days.

Best place to study: 

I find that the best place to study is either in my room or in a computer lab (if it is relatively quiet).

Best class so far: 

POLS 200 Research Methods; it is the first course I've taken that has truly challenged me in memorization and conceptualization of the course material, as well as the first to introduce information outside of my previous experience.

Best Professor: 

Dr. Peggy James. She presents challenging material and also engages individual students based on their particular learning styles.

Best thing about being a student at UWP: 

I like the size and diversity of the institution. The opportunity to meet people from many different walks of life has always been a draw to me.

Why did you pick UWP? 

The diverse population and location were the biggest factors for me in choosing UW-Parkside.

Best advice for getting the most out of college:  

Engage, engage, and engage some more. Take the opportunity to relate the courses you take to both previous and possible future experiences and make the information practical. It will stay with you that way. 


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