Jasmine Anderson

  • Hometown: Verona, Wisconsin
  • Majors: Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies

Why did you choose Parkside?
I chose to attend UW-Parkside because it is one of the most diverse universities that I have ever been to. This school is very diverse with the student body, faculty and staff, and very open with the curriculum that is taught. The class sizes are smaller and more manageable for professors to help students as needed. I really appreciate how the professors always make time for their students out side of class to make sure that they understand the course work.

What have you enjoyed most about UW-Parkside?
I would have to say that I enjoy the community life of UW-Parkside the most. Seeing how the students, faculty and staff members help out in times of need amazes me. I have also enjoyed how professors are enthusiastic about teaching as well as being willing to help. I have also enjoyed the many opportunities that UW-Parkside offers their students who become involved on campus.

What are your extracurricular activities?
When I am not in my classrooms learning, I'm helping lead as co-captain for an organization called the Peer Health Educators, also known as PHE. The organization is about peers who are educating their fellow peers and faculty about a variety of topics like mental health, sexual health, relationship help and much more. I also volunteer with the Special Olympics. I also enjoy teaching swimming to little children on weekends.

What would you say to someone considering UW-Parkside?
If you are someone who is interested in taking smaller classes, and the type of person who likes to have one on one time with professors so you can understand what is being taught, then UW-Parkside is the place for you!


Jasmine Anderson

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