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Self and Society
The Self and Society

Sep 1 - Oct 23  |  Fine Arts Gallery
Joshua Hunt and Deidre Prosen
Sponsored in part by a grant from the Puffin Foundation
Opening Reception:  Oct 15  |  6-8 pm

The collaboration between artists and educators -- "The Self and Society" by Deidre Prosen and Joshua Hunt-- centers to raise awareness for greater social responsibility and environmental stewardship."The Self and Society" project addresses social issues including gun-related tragedies, affects of over-consumption, and the role of self-expression in contemporary society.

Willian Zuback: the Dress Series
William Zuback: The Dress Series

Sep 14 - Nov 25 |  Foundation Gallery
Contains nudity: Intended for mature audience.
Opening Reception:  Oct 15  |  6-8 pm
"The dress series is loosely inspired by the poem, A Dress of Fire by Dahlia Ravikovitch.  When I read this poem I'm reminded of the psychology, tradition, life experiences, and symbolism in a formal dress."

Daiel Maw
Daniel Maw - 'The Town"

October 19 - January  |  Mathis Gallery

Opening Reception: Oct 19  |  6-8 pm
Artist's talk: Studio B  |  Oct 19  |  3:45 pm

An excerpt from Daniel Maw's Exhibition Statement reads: "Autobiography and explorations of memory are concepts I've embraced in many aspects of my creative practice. Although the final product is of interest, the process of developing each piece is similarly important. I consult family and friends while formulating new works, so each is informed by an assortment of such conversations and stories. This method elicits a range of emotions, as I investigate different moments in my life. I stalk former objects and spaces through old photographs and Google Maps. I recall people, ideas, and places that were once present, and I treat them with as much respect and whimsy as I can muster. The experience is as voyeuristic as it is terrifying."

David Holmes
David Holmes: A Retrospective

Nov 2 - Jan 15 |  Fine Arts Gallery
Opening Reception:  Dec 6  |  3-5 pm

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