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Criminal Justice

The study of criminal justice is a growing field, designed to help students obtain a better understanding of criminal offending and the processes in which the justice system undergoes in handling such cases. For students to understand criminal behavior is very important to understand society. The criminal justice program (CRMJ) at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside primarily focuses on the American legal institution. Criminal justice provides a wide array of studies including criminology, policing, the courts, juvenile delinquency/juvenile justice, and corrections. In addition, those who are interested in a career in corrections, policing, victimology, terrorism and security, the courts, juvenile justice, and criminology will find the criminal justice major rewarding and a valuable asset which will contribute to a successful career.

Congratulations to Ms. Louise Loud who was recently selected to receive the UW System's Outstanding Woman of Color in Education Award.

If any majors or pendings failed to attend one of the mandatory advising sessions, your flag will not be raised until November 22, 2014, AFTER priority registration.
You may have holds for other reasons, ie. monies owed, etc. so be sure to review your information in SOLAR. 

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