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Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology/Anthropology. Originally from the Midwest, Kate Gillogly returned after years living in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Hawaii, working in consulting in applied anthropology of agricultural ecology and international development. She currently lives in Kenosha , focusing on undergraduate education, applied anthropological work in watershed management and environmental activism, as well as writing projects on changes in kinship and social structure.
Teaching, Research/Creative & Consulting Interests

Teaching Interests

In a small four-field anthropology department, Gillogly teaches Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Migration and Immigration, International Development, Livehoods and Exchange, and Anthropology of Language; world cultures classes such as the Peoples of Southeast Asia. Some of these courses are cross-listed with International Studies and most fulfill requirements for that degree as well as for the concentration in Anthropology. She also teaches a Global Studies Certificate Course, Language and Culture and the International Studies Senior Seminar. She also facilitates student research projects and involves students in local research, such as on the changing landscape of Pike Creek; cooperative exchanges in the arts networks of Kenosha; and, soon, oral histories of Colonial Park.

Research Interests

Watershed management across political boundaries; how people connect to their local environment (through stories, history, daily actions); changing relationships of power in international development projects focusing on the connection between the global and the local; transformations in kinship and marriage practices with changes in the agricultural economy; and the rise of indigenous citizenship movements in Southeast Asia.

Consulting Interests

Working with local groups on environmental management plans.
Selected Publications

: Natural and Cultural Histories of Pike Creek, Unknown as yet

: Policy Driven Changes in Lisu Swiddening: Social Organization as Adaptation to a New Economy, Routledge

2014: Environmental sustainability policy in Thailand: Global systems, Thai localism, Environment and Development in Asia (159-179 pp.)

2014: Greed in a "tribal" economy? Acquisitiveness and reciprocity in Lisu society , Society for Economic Anthropology / Alta Mira Press.

2014: Swiddening in the SW Pacific, Routledge

2011: Learning the Contradictions of Applied Fieldwork in the Peace Corps, Anthropology News (Online Edition)

2011: Review Essay of Gaian Theory in Eileen Crist and H. Bruce Rinker (eds): Gaia in Turmoil: Climate Change, Biodepletion, and Earth Ethics in an Age of Crisis and Clive Hamilton, Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change. , Human Ecology (845-849 pp.)

2011: Everyday Life in Southeast Asia,

2010: Review of Tania Li's The Will to Improve., Environment and Society: Advances in Research (204-205 pp.)

Selected Awards & Honors

Service Awards

2014: Nomination for Stella Gray Teaching Excellence Award, Nominated for Stella Gray Teaching Excellece Award, University, Error in custom script module

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