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Art = Heart Exhibition

Calling all K-12 student artists!

This year, in lieu of our annual Art Party, we’re inviting you to be a part of our Art = Heart show! EVERYONE who sends in their work by October 26 will be included in the exhibition at the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities.

Participation is easy. Here’s how to get your art on display.

Think about how being creative and making art brings you joy, comfort, peace, happiness—all things for a positive mindset.

Make an original artwork that can be mailed in an envelope 9”x 12” or smaller. And yes, you may fold your piece to fit if you need to! Postcards and photos are also welcome.

Note: Artworks will be displayed with push-pins, pushed into the artwork to secure it to the wall.

Write your name, school, and grade level on the front of the artwork. 

Mail it by Oct 26 to:

Art = Heart Exhibition
UW-Parkside Mathis Gallery
900 Wood Road
Kenosha, WI 53144

Note: If you’d like your artwork returned after the show, include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Nov 3, 2020-Jan 29, 2021
View the exhibition at the Rita virtually or in person. We’ll also feature snippets via our social media platforms, so you can see your artwork that way, too! 

Learn more about the galleries at The Rita.


Awards will be selected in the following categories:



Edson Melendez  |  262-595-2188  |  CAH@uwp.edu

Learn more about Art and Graphic Design at Parkside.

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