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The mission of the UW-Parkside Police Department is to enhance the educational mission of the university. The department is proactive in working with the community to maintain a high quality of life by responding to and preventing crime, promoting a safe environment and enforcing the laws while safeguarding the constitutional guarantees of all. We are committed to serving the community with integrity, impartiality, sensitivity and professionalism. To fulfill our mission, we must nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest degree of ethical and professional behavior at all times.


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As Law Enforcement leaders in Kenosha County, we come together to share this community message. We hear you and we see you.  We are dedicated to evaluating policies and practices to address the issue of bias in policing.  We commit to doing our part, while working with the communities we each serve, to usher in change.   We condemn excessive force and will hold our officers and each other accountable.  We strongly support legitimate police action but are disgusted by any instance of police misconduct, especially those where racist ideology may be a contributing factor.  We are proud professionals and do not support those who do not serve with fairness, compassion, honor and integrity. We are increasing training on de-escalation as well as awareness/avoidance of bias.  We are working together to assure fair and appropriate policing in our communities.  We are increasing dialog with our communities to gain perspective and foster trust.  Those who live, work, recreate or seek education here have every right to expect that their life is respected and valued. We remain strongly committed to our oaths and to keeping our communities safe. Our goal is to reaffirm and strengthen our resolve to see that everyone is and feels safe.  


Chief Daniel Miskinis Kenosha Police Department
Chief David Smetana Pleasant Prairie Police Department
Chief Adam Grosz Twin Lakes Police Department
Chief James Heller UW-Parkside Police Department
Sheriff David Beth Kenosha County Sheriff's Department


We are hiring! 

Student Community Service Officers

The UW-Parkside Police Department are looking for responsible students to:

  • Handle parking enforcement
  • Assist with security at university functions
  • Help with parking lot maintenance
  • Assist with building security
  • Work dispatch in our Dispatch Center
  • Other duties assigned by supervisor

Download your application today!


* please send applications to police@uwp.edu or stop by the University Police Department in Tallent Hall 188*

UW-Parkside PD Self-Defense Program

The purpose of the UW-Parkside PD Self-Defense Program is to provide the Parkside campus community (Faculty, Staff, and Students) with the EDUCATION of situational awareness and basic self-defense techniques in an active and supportive environment. The Parkside PD self-defense program will be comprised of two sections. The first (1hr) section ise a lecture; focusing on situational awareness and avoidance both on and off campus. The second (3hr) portion focuses on Parkside PD approved physical techniques designed to maximize personal weapons to create distance. The entire class is slotted for a 4 hour period of instruction and practical exercises/repetition.

Register Here for Self-Defense Training
***All remaining self-defense classes have been canceled for this semester.***

University Police

(262) 595-2455
Tallent Hall 188

On-Campus Emergencies: (262) 595-2911

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