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Kevin Miyazaki

Kevin Miyazaki: Kuroshio

Through Jan 24  |  Fine Arts Gallery, Lower Level

Miyazaki’s exhibition tells a story of immigration and migration. It begins by documenting the reuse of buildings from the Tule Lake and Heart Mountain Japanese internment camps, where members of Miyazaki’s father’s family were incarcerated during World War ll. The word “camp” is used by most Nisei, or first-generation Japanese Americans, to describe both the physical place they were held, as well as the overall wartime incarceration experience itself. Miyazaki’s interests lie in examining the changing value of architectural forms constructed as a result of wartime hysteria and racist attitudes. The work continues by documenting additional elements and moments from Miyazaki’s personal history that communicates something larger about our shared humanity.


Esther Pearl Watson

Esther Pearl Watson: Dream Believer

Through Jan 24  |  Fine Arts Gallery, Mezzanine

Watson grew up in series of small towns outside of Dallas, Texas with her siblings, mother, and flying saucer-building father, Gene. Her family moved often, since her father's hobby of building huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines didn't always sit well with the neighbors. Esther's pieces are often overtly narrative, clear but mysterious scenes of houses or figures ornamented with snippets of prose telling just enough to get the viewer's own imagination engaged, wanting to know more. Some are about family, some about places, all have a rich interior life. Her works without words are just as suggestive of story, also exerting a deep emotional pull. 



Fine Arts Gallery

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Apr 2020

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Apr-Jul 2020

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Mathis Gallery

Sky Hopinka
Feb-Mar 2020

Scholarship Recipient Exhibition
Apr 2020


Foundation Gallery

Intercollegiate Exchange Exhibition
Feb-Mar 2020

Redacted Rubbings
Mar-Apr 2020

Senior Exhibitions
Apr-May 2020

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