RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

The Center for Adult and Returning Students (CARS) is a resource for prospective and enrolled adult students and faculty and staff at the University. We are a one-stop shop to help prospective students think about their education and career paths and to assist enrolled students, particularly with Prior Learning Assessment. We serve as a source of information about adult student needs and best practices for faculty and staff. Our mission is to promote and advocate for adult students across campus.

Webinar Recording - Helping Adult Learners Thrive at UW-Parkside

Helping Adult Learners Thrive at UW-Parkside

Adults have work and family commitments to consider when planning to earn a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree.  To support adult students throughout their educational journeys, the Center for Adult and Returning Students at UW-Parkside is a one-stop resource to help adults explore program options, navigate the application process, pursue earning credit for on-the-job training, and find support through to graduation.

Parkside offers multiple, fully online degree completion programs for those returning to school and now has an online Associate’s of Arts and Sciences degree for those starting school, in addition to multiple online Master’s degrees.  Parkside also provides the opportunity for students to earn Credit for Prior Learning based on learning done on the job, in the military, through volunteer work, and as a result of independent study.

What is an Adult Student?

Adult or non-traditional students are typically defined as students over the age of 25 who are financially independent and therefore not claimed as dependents on someone else’s tax returns. Because of their age, adult students frequently have more responsibilities than younger students and may be working full time, caring for family members, whether children or parents, and juggling other duties and activities that impact the time and energy they have to devote to education. Increasingly, students under the age of 25 are handling these responsibilities as well, so can be considered as non-traditional students. No matter your age, we are here to connect you with the resources you need for success in your education.

Stacy assists students prior to and throughout the enrollment process. She can help with questions about admission, program exploration and unofficial transfer credit evaluations. 

Stacy Tinholt

Stacy Tinholt, M.S.

Adult Student Enrollment Counselor

Dr. Emery (Ginger) assists current students with their concerns, particularly with regards to earning college credit for previous learning acquired through work, training, volunteer experience, or military service. 

Virginia Emery

Virginia Emery, Ph.D.

Adult Student Program Manager

UW Extended Campus

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