Data For The People

APR 26

5-6:30 PM  |   RITA L128  |  FREE


This workshop series will proceed in three parts.  Ray Roberts, Founder, Tishbyte Analytics, Data & Analytics Solution Firm and independent consultant, will present his work on Applied Data theory, an innovative and essential approach to working with data that is appropriate for everyone in the 21st century, not solely data scientists.  Part two explores the Definition of Data Quality: Business Case Agnostic Measurements to support the design and analysis of generated data, a universal guide for using data in the business arena.  Part three focuses on Data Virtualization: Closing the space between the data we make and the data we utilize.  Attendees will be introduced to the Roberts’ new theory for data that is vital for all of us in the 21st century.

Ray Roberts

Founder, Tishbyte Analytics, Data & Analytics Solution Firm

Roberts’ asks: ….where is the guidance for generating data in a way that aligns with business needs both known today and unknown tomorrow? Where is our guidance for knowing what rules to make for data, making them, and ensuring those rules are being adhered to? When you are weighing your options between building solutions or buying from vendors, what is the guidance for ensuring your overall strategy and metrics that you are using to make the decision are valid?  Data Theory is the foundational education, the philosophies & methodologies, that remove many of the proxies between the data and humans. 


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