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International Students

Welcome!  We are thrilled you are considering applying to attending the University of Wisconsin-Parkside! Studying abroad at UW-Parkside will offer you the extraordinary chance to learn with people from different cultures, gain global perspective, and have new and exciting academic opportunities that will provide you with a great education.

UW-Parkside is host to students from more than 25 nations around the world. While many people here at Parkside that are excited about international students, we want you to introduce you to our two offices:

We want to provide a special welcome to incoming exchange students. Please click here for special admission procedures.

Ready to Apply?

Do you have questions?

We are pleased that you are considering University of Wisconsin-Parkside and hope that you will be joining us.

We believe that at Parkside you can find the best of all worlds!

We are large enough to offer 41 academic majors 
... yet small enough for your professors to know your name.

Academic Programs

While our educational programs are challenging 
... most families find that our fees are not.

International Student Aid Options
International Student Scholarships

Our beautiful woodlands provide a quiet place to study
... while being 45 minutes from Chicago and Milwaukee attractions.

The excitement of an international adventure
... is combined with landing in a friendly and supportive community.

International and Cultural Clubs

Were you looking for the International Studies Program

International Admissions Office

International Admissions
+1 262-595-2355

Karin Basken
International Coordinator
+1 262-595-2701


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