Economic and Talent Development

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside listens and responds to the needs of business and industry. Let us know how we can work with you -- whether to provide you with skilled graduates, interns, experts, education for your workforce, or more.

App Factory web
Timothy Knautz 262-595-2314
Zaid Altahat 262-595-2314
Certificates web
See listing of for-credit certificates  
Crista Kruse (noncredit) 262-595-2240
Continuing Education web
Crista Kruse 262-595-2240
Cyber Security Lab web
Susan Linke  
Diversity Educational Outreach Programs web
Heather Kind-Keppel 262-595-2239
Flex Option web
See listing of Flexible Options  
Graduate Degrees web
See listing of graduate degree programs 262-595-2304
Maker Space  
Timothy Knautz 262-595-2314
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) web
James McPhaul 262-595-3362
Solutions for Economic Growth (SEG) Center web
Timothy Knautz 262-595-2314
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