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Series Information
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Foreign Film Series is once again hosting a short summer program of internationally acclaimed films. This is an ideal opportunity for you to introduce your cinephile friends to the UW−Parkside Foreign Film Series without committing to an entire season.

Where: UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema.
Admission: $5 per film; tickets available at the door only.
Foreign language films are subtitled, and subtitles are used on English language films when available.

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See you at the movies!

UW-Parkside Foreign Film Series Committee,
Norm Cloutier (FFS Director, Professor of Economics), and
Donald Kummings (Emeritus Professor of English)

Kaili Blues

Jul 6-8
China  |  2015  |  113 min  |  Gan Bi |  Manderine Language  |  IMDB

Kaili Blues is a soulful portrait of a widowed country doctor haunted by the past, as well as a depiction of China's increasingly rapid pace of cultural and economic transformation. The doctor, Chen Sheng, has opened a small country clinic in a house that he's inherited from his mother. His relationship with his brother is strained, in part because of the neglectful parenting of his nephew, Weiwei. When Weiwei suddenly disappears Chen leaves to search for him. This is a film about journeys, and Gan Bi approaches them with a series of remarkable single shots that carry us through busy streets, up steps, onto the back of motorbikes, along mountain roads with stunning views, down into the valleys and even across the rivers. Everything his camera captures is beautifully framed as if the director had travelled these routes a hundred times and managed to keep every detail in his head. The film's beauty and inventiveness are riveting. 2016 Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Best Youth Feature Film; 2016 Beijing International Film Festival: Best New Director.

Screenings:  Thursday 7:30 pm  |  Friday 7:30 pm  |  Saturday 8 pm


July 13-15
Switzerland  |  2016  |  70 min  | Claude Barras |  French Language  |  IMDB

Leave it to a French-language stop-motion film to cut closer to the reality of the orphan experience than Annie or Matilda. Director Barras tells a simple story simply, drawing its power from point of view, as a troubled 9-year-old recounts his stint in a group home following the death of his alcoholic mother. Manipulating wonderful sets and touching protagonists, Barras delivers the message that tragedy needn’t determine the rest of a young person’s life. The film is mature enough for adults to appreciate, yet it deals frankly with the facts of life in a way that neither condescends to nor scars younger audiences. Barras’ moving tale reveals an emotional resonance and non-saccharine uplift that is rare in today’s animation world. My Life as a Zucchini was one of nine films on this year’s Oscar shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film. 2017 César Awards and 2017 Portland International Film Festival: Best Animated Feature; 2017 Wisconsin Film Festival: Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature.

Screenings:  Thursday 7:30 pm  |  Friday 7:30 pm  |  Saturday 8 pm


July 20-22
UK  |  2016  |  76 min  |  Paul Fegan  |  English Language  |  IMDB

This thought-provoking and amusing documentary follows cult-pop raconteur Aidan Moffat as he sets out to explore Scotland’s past by rewriting and touring its oldest songs. Director Fegan beautifully shows the countryside of Scotland, and Moffat’s lyrical skill and love of grim humor sits well with the accounts of romance, debauchery and existential dread. Gigs in out of the way towns and the idiosyncratic eccentricities of locals make this the cinematic equivalent of a free-spirited open mic night – funny with moments of bleak beauty and always with the potential of stumbling blindly over the edge. Not strictly for fans of folk music, this film will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in storytelling, mythology and what we can learn from the past—an authentic, funny and genuine celebration of folk music that delves into the soul. 2016 Chicago International Film Festival: Best Documentary.

Screenings:  Thursday 7:30 pm  |  Friday 7:30 pm  |  Saturday 8 pm

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