At the Rita: Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities


Recording of Live Stream

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The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is actively monitoring and reviewing a series of health, safety, and resource metrics to inform the decisions we make with regard to university operations. These metrics are considered in combination with recommendations and orders from state and county health departments before changes in operations are made. In accordance with University and Departmental approved policy, the following protocols were enacted throughout the rehearsal and performance process of UW Parkside’s streamed production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet:

  • Masks are worn the entirety of every rehearsal and performance
  • COVID-19 tests have been made available for the entire theatre arts company, including actors and crew during rehearsal and the live stream run
  • All weapons and props are sanitized and cleaned at the end of every rehearsal/performance
  • Leather gauntlets are worn as often as possible as part of actor’s costume
  • Back stage hand sanitizing stations are placed stage right, stage left, and center stage
  • Actors and crew members are to wash hands at top of show, during intermission, and end of show. During rehearsals, actors are encouraged to wash hands regularly during breaks
  • Stage blocking has been modified to allow maximum social distancing whenever possible
  • For every hour of rehearsal, a 15-minute break is called for the ventilation of the theatre to recycle the air flow
  • Actors and crew are to maintain 6 feet of distance whenever possible when backstage or sitting in the house
  • Actors are assigned to specific socially distanced areas and seating when backstage and in between scenes
  • Dressing areas are socially distanced assigned spaces which is rotated every half hour with time allowed between actor calls to give time for the space to recycle the air
  • Hair and makeup is applied by the actors at home with their own personal supplies and not in the space
  • Wardrobe and back stage crew wear disposable gloves at all times
  • Actors hang up and return their own costume pieces to the laundry

Box Office


The Rita, Ground Floor
900 Wood Rd. 
Kenosha, WI 53144
Parking: Lot B, C

About The Rita

Since 1968, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside has continued to build a reputation as an outstanding liberal arts institution with particularly strong fine arts programs. With The Rita Tallent Picken Center for Arts & Humanities, our state-of-the-art instructional facilities and stunning performance venues match our award-winning academic programs and provide even greater community access. Learn more about The RIta.

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