Extended Reality Technology Workshops

We are extremely excited to announce the establishment of the Immersive Technology meetup group.

Join likeminded individuals interested in learning about and exploring the rapidly evolving immersive technologies. This includes virtual and augmented reality, and other immersive technologies.

By participating in the meetups, you will be able to engage with:


  • Subject matter experts to share their vison of the future.
  • Vendors to demonstrate the immersive technology, hardware, and related applications.
  • Opportunities to work on university and community-based projects related to the technology and applications.
  • Individuals in the industry to identify skills sets required to develop careers within the industry.
  • How the skills are currently being used in education, business, and social impact. 
  • What the future looks like 

These sessions are open to 

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Community members 
  • Other educational institutions
  • Companies and organizations currently using the technology
  • Companies and organizations interested in how they might incorporate the technology within their operations. 
  • Vendors in space (no sales pitches)

MKE-Tech Week- Maximizing STEAM Education using Immersive Technology

OCT 6 | 5-6:30 PM | VIRTUAL (Zoom)  


Join us as Dr. Peggy James, Dean for the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies partnered with CEO/Founder Mr. David Scurlock from In Your Face Learning and Training Academy as they discuss innovative ways to maximize STEAM Education using Immersive Technology. They will be sharing examples of how innovative virtual reality can be implemented in place-based education learning.

This session is being featured in Milwaukee's Tech week series.  

More information and full lineup of MKE Tech sessions can be found here.



Introduction to Immersive Technology (XR) and Applications


Many times, virtual or augmented reality is associated with fun and games. Today this technology and applications goes far beyond. In this session you will learn about:


  • The emerging immersive technologies, exactly what are they. 
  • How they are currently being used in education, business, and social impact
  • What the future looks like

You will see live demonstrations of practical ways this technology is being used. We will look into the future and what is being worked on and where the technology is headed.

Use of Immersive Technology (XR) in Education and Workforce Development


Hear from a panel of experts that have successfully implemented immersive technology as part of the education and workforce development process.  You will see how it doesn’t replace face-to-face learning but enhances the process. You will learn about certain types of training and skills development that deliver better outcomes and results by applying immersive technology. You will leave with specific ideas and strategies that you can apply in your own workplace environment.

Use of Immersive Technology in Social Causes



Experience how immersive technology is being used to improve life and environments from the youngest individuals to seniors in assisted living.  As smart cities evolve, and we continue to become a global society this technology will become integrated into all aspects of society.  It will help to level the playing field.

Use of Immersive Technology in Manufacturing



Manufacturing 3.0, Industry 4.0, and Smart Manufacturing continue to evolve and impact how factories, warehouses, and distribution operations will function going forward.  As in other aspects of business,  immersive technology is becoming a part of this evolution as well. How individuals are trained and interact with the environment, and others around the world are all part of how immersive technology can be used.  



CEO/Founder  |  In Your Face Learning and Training Academy

David has over 30 years of business experience in multiple aspects of business ranging from sales, marketing, and product management to training and organizational development.

As a learning and organizational development leader David’s experience includes designing, developing, and deploying sales, service, management, and leadership training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

David established and developed corporate universities based on enterprise need assessments, designing, and implementing programs and solutions driving business results.

Over the past six years David has been researching the impact that technology, specifically Virtual and Augmented Reality can have on the results of training, education, and workforce development.

Combining his experience and in depth understanding of this exciting emerging technology, David founded In Your Face Learning and Training Academy which incorporates and leverages immersive, interactive technology to enhance the outcomes and desired results of the training.

David will be leading a highly educational and interactive meet-up series on extended and immersive technology.

Headshot of David Scurlock
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