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Susan M. Cable, D.D.S., '81  |  Patricia Petretti

Indecent is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Original Broadway Production Conceived and Directed by Rebecca Taichman

Score and Original Music by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

This selection is used by special arrangement with The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization, a Concord Music Company, All Rights Reserved.

by Ilse Weber
© Copyright 2002 by Boosey & Hawkes Bote & Bock GMBH, Berlin

All rights administered by Imagem Music Inc., All Rights Reserved.

“Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”
Words by Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin and Jacob Jacobs
Music by Sholom Secunda
Copyright © 1937 Cahn Music Co. (ASCAP)

This selection is used by special arrangement with Concord Music Company on behalf of Cahn Music Company, All Rights Reserved.

“Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin”
German Text by Aldo Von Pinelli, Music by Erich M. Siegel
TRO © Copyright 1955 (renewed) Hampshire House Publishing Corp., New York, NY

All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance For Profit Used by Permission

Original Broadway Production produced by Daryl Roth, Elizabeth I. McCann, and Cody Lassen

INDECENT was produced by the Vineyard Theatre
(Douglas Aibel and Sarah Stern, Artistic Directors; Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell, Executive Director) New York City, Spring, 2016

INDECENT was commissioned by Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut (James Bundy, Artistic Director; Victoria Nolan, Managing Director), and Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Orego (Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Paul Nicholson, Executive Director)

Originally produced by Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut (James Bundy, Artistic Director; Victoria Nolan, Managing Director) and La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California (Christopher Ashley, Artistic Director; Michael S. Rosenberg, Managing Director)

INDECENT under the then title of “The Vengeance Project” was developed, in part, at the 2013 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at the Sundance Resort

Inspired by The People vs. The God of Vengeance, Conceived by Rebecca Rugg and Rebecca Taichman


Rachael Swartz

Music Director/Choreographer
Ryan Cappleman
Assistant Director
Chalena Williams*

Scenic Designer
Jody Sekas

Costume Designer
Misti Bradford

Lighting Designer
Erin Dillon*

Sound Designer
Kevin Gray

Makeup Designer
Isabella Cernuska*

Projections Designer
Kendall Phillips

Properties Master
Garrett Allen*

Stage Manager
Samantha Feiler*

Technical Director
Joshua Christoffersen

Scenic Charge Artist
Lynsey Gallagher *

Intimacy Director
Erin Dillon*

AJ Lance* 

Fight Director
Ben Compton*


* Indicates undergraduate BA student


Rachael Swartz

What is decency and what is indecent? What stories do we, as a society, allow to be told? And what do we suppress? A 1923 obscenity trial found Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance to be “indecent” for allowing a kiss between two women to take place on an American stage. The first of its kind. But when Asch penned God of Vengeance in 1906, he was more concerned with the shadows of Ibsen and Chekhov that were forever changing modernism and western theatre alike.  Asch was the first Yiddish writer to bring widespread public attention to the poverty facing Orthodox Jewish communities in rural Poland.  I, myself, hold Sholem Asch near to my heart for the words and the international visibility he gave to two queer female characters—the scene between Rifkele and Manke has been recognized for over a century as having the literary caliber of Romeo and Juliet’s moments together on the balcony.   

Indecent is a play about a play and about the people who gave their lives to tell its story. Tonight we examine the fate of those characters, of God of Vengeance, and how history abandoned Asch to literary obscurity for our collective unreadiness to accept what is truly decent.    

The beauty of the relationship between Rifkele and Manke is steeply contrasted by the cruelty of the world in which they must exist—a world rife with violence, hypocrisy and the exploitation of women.  “Why must every Jew onstage be a paragon?” the character of Sholem Asch cries out after the first reading of God of Vengeance.  Those of us who identify in any marginalized group understand this all too well.  The pressure to serve as a model of excellence when we share in spaces dominated by others.  Asch is condemned for suggesting a critique of self and community in a time of turmoil.  For wanting to allow his characters a deeper, flawed humanity.  To throw stones elsewhere and partake in the waltz of assimilation. As if, somehow, it wasn’t a quiet death to culture. 

As we navigate the resurgence of anti-Semitism and the heightened visibility of white nationalism in our country, both the call to tell vibrant Jewish stories as well as the desire to pull inward in the face of fear feel like valid responses.  I first read Indecent while in my rural Virginia home.  A home I moved into the weekend torches were carried by white nationalists in the nearby city of Charlottesville under Nazi banners of “blood and soil” howling the chant of “Jews will not replace us.”  I knew I needed to tell a story of Jewish joy, the history of “a little Jewish play,” and to give space for our girls to be the beacon we see and remember.  To remind us of our American history.  

Our playwright, Paula Vogel wrote at the first opening of Indecent, “It is said that in the last moments of our existence our lives flash before our eyes. I am a lucky woman: the theatre has been my life. And so, I hope one of the last images I see will be moments of these actors, this troupe, this journey.”  I share her sentiments and I thank her for giving us Lemml, our stage manager, who enables voices to rise as we seek beginnings in our endings. 

Rachael Swartz



Colton Smith 

Hans Pfrang 

Ben Brewer 

Jordan McGraw 

Elisebeth Sparks 

Delaina Kuzelka 

Talia Last 

Daniel Reed 

Aidan Johnson 

Jenna Speer

Jordan Mcgraw

Megan Schuat



COLTON SMITH (Lemml) is a junior Theatre Arts major from Lawrence, Kansas. Previous acting credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Caden) at UW-Parkside, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Ed) and The Humans (Erik) at Coffeyville Community College. Recently, Colton served as assistant director for Little Shop of Horrors at the Lawrence Arts Center. Colton received the Playwright's Award at Kansas State Thespian Festival in 2019.


HANS PFRANG (The Ingenue: Avram) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a double concentration in Acting and Musical Theatre, as well as a minor in Sociology. Previous credits include The Penelopiad (Laertes/Suitor/Maid), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Jean Michel/Topher U/S), A Number (Salter), A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Torvald), Urinetown, The Musical (Senator Fipp/Ensemble), and Water by the Spoonful (Fountainhead). Hans has also collaborated with Southwest Shakespeare Company’s virtual production of The Roaring Girl (Lord Nolan’s/A Fellow) and Three Brothers’ production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Flute/Peaseblossom). Last summer, Hans attended the Open Jar Institute in New York City.


BEN BREWER (The Middle: Mendel) is a junior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting and a transfer student from State Fair Community College (Sedalia, MO). Recent credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Jaxton) at UW-Parkside, The Diviners (C.C. Showers), Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play (Gibson/Homer Simpson), and First Date (Aaron) at State Fair Community College, and Bang Bang, You’re Dead (Josh) at Springfield Little Theatre. 


JORDAN MCGRAW (The Elder: Otto) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting. Recent credits include The Penelopiad (Icarius/Maid/Percussion), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Sound Board Operator), Little Women (Laurie), The Government Inspector (Director of Schools), and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Crew). Jordan has also worked as professional mascot characters in NCAA/National Competition.

Sparks_Elisebeth-15 copy

ELISEBETH SPARKS (The Ingenue: Chana) is a junior with a double major in Music Performance and Theatre Arts, as well as a concentration in Musical Theatre. Recent acting credits include Brighton Beach Memoirs (Nora) at Lakeside Players, and The Mad Ones (Sam), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Ensemble/Marie U/S), Stupid F##king Bird (Mash U/S), and 3 Sisters (Irina) at UW-Parkside.


DELAINA KUZELKA (The Middle: Halina) is a junior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting. Previous credits at UW-Parkside include The Penelopiad (Penelope), Silent Sky (Williamina), Romeo and Juliet (Juliet), Stupid F##king Bird (Nina), and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Ensemble). 


TALIA LAST (The Elder: Vera) is a senior Theatre Arts major with concentrations in Acting and Musical Theatre. Recent credits include The Mad Ones (Kelly U/S), The Penelopiad (Maid/Eurycleia), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Madame), and A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Anne-Marie) at UW-Parkside; Twelfth Night (Maria) and Hamlet (Rosencrantz) at Fleeing Artists Theater; Little Shop of Horrors (Chiffon) and The Comedy of Romeo and Juliet...(Kinda Sorta) (Juliet) at Lakeside Players. 


DANIEL REED (U/S Lemml and The Ingenue) is a first-year Theatre Arts with concentrations in Acting and Directing. Recent credits include The Penelopiad (Suitor/Maid) at UW-Parkside.  

Johnson_Aidan-30 copy

AIDAN JOHNSON (U/S The Middle and The Elder) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting. Recent credits include The Penelopiad (U/S Penelope), Hope and Gravity (Marty), 3 Sisters (Chebyutkin), and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Sebastian). Aidan also serves as Assistant Dialect Coach for this production.

Jenna Spear

JENNA SPEER (U/S The Ingenue) is a junior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a recent transfer student from State Fair Community College (Sedalia, MO). Recent credits include Summit Theatre Group’s Mamma Mia! (Ali), SFCC’s First Date (Lauren), James and the Giant Peach (Aunt Spiker), and Coffeyville Community College’s regional premiere of The Humans (Brigid). Jenna has recently obtained her Level One Unarmed Stage Combat with Distinction certificate from Dueling Arts International.


KALYN DIERCKS (U/S The Middle) is a first-year Theatre Arts major. Previous credits include The Penelopiad (Maid/Naiad Mother). Kalyn has been serving as assistant director and teacher for Cedarburg Children’s Theater programs for the past three years.


MEGAN SCHAUT (U/S The Elder) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting, a minor in History, and pursuing a Creative Writing Certificate. Previous acting credits include The Mad Ones (Bev), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Ensemble), 3 Sisters (Olga), Hope and Gravity (Nan) at UW-Parkside, and It’s a Wonderful Life (Miss Andrews) at Evergreen Theatre. Other credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Prop Master) and The Penelopiad (Assistant Stage Manager).


Assitant Dialect Coach
Aidan Johnson*
Assistant Stage Manager
Ben Compton* 
Light Board Operator
Aren Goodwin*
Sound Board Operator
Lucero Martinez*
Deck Crew
Tomer Proctor-Zenker*
Wardrobe Supervisor
Arielle Santos*
Wardrobe Crew
Donaji Sanchez*, Janet Jurado*
Makeup Crew
Isabella Cernuska*
Lighting Faculty Advisor
Kendall Phillips
Sound Faculty Advisor
Kevin Gray
Stage Management Faculty Advisor
Kendall Phillips
Props & Paints Faculty Advisor
Jody Sekas
Costume Faculty Advisor
Misti Bradford
Hair & Make Up Faculty Advisor
Misti Bradford
Costume Shop Supervisor
Leslie Vaglica
Assistant Costume Designer
Claire Sabaj*
Costume Shop Assistants
Elise Sparks*, Ben Compton*, Allison Hayes* Jesse Ocampo*, Lucero Martinez*
Costume Construction Crew
Janet Jurado*, Donaji Sanchez*, Arielle Santos* Maddison Crecchio*, Kaylyn Dierks*, Claire Sabaj*
Scenic Lab Supervisor

Josh Christoffersen

Scene Shop Assistants

Bianca Gonzalez*, Jen Bauer*
Lynsey Gallagher*, J Lofty*

Scenic Construction Crew
Matt Gould*, Aidan Johnson*, Lynn Bryant*
Jacob McCown, Tomer Proctor-Zenker*
AJ Lance, Ben Brewer* 
Scenic Paint Crew
Kammi Kringle*, Talia Last*, Lily Drew*
Props Crew

Emma Foley*, Delaina Kuzelka*
Megan Schaut*, Travis Siepl*, Aurthur Weime*

Assistant Sound Designer
Allison Hayes*
Sound Crew
Allison Hayes*, Lucero Martinez*
Chalena Williams*, Maggie Jay*
Master Electrician 

Jen Bauer*

Assistant Master Electrician
Savana Andershock*


Lighting Crew
Savana Andershock*, Aren Goodwin*, Petr Jaros*
Starlyn Howard*, Jordan McGraw*, Daniel Reed*
Colton Smith*, Jenna Speers*, Kammi Kringle*, Jess Baker
House Manager
Olivia Springsteen*
Box Office Manager 

Alex Gray

Marketing and Program Layout
Oliver J. Johnson 
Poster Design
Kim Sekas 

Production Photographer

Alyssa Nepper


Administrative Support
Joe Lambin, Edson Melendez



Tomer Proctor-Zenker

Donaji Sanchez
Janet Jurado 

Wardrobe Supervisor
Arielle Santos

Elise Sparks
Ben Compton
Allison Hayes
Jesse Ocampo
Lucero Martinez 
Janet Jurado
Donaji Sanchez
Arielle Santos
Maddison Crecchio
Kaylyn Dierks
Claire Sabaj 
Bianca Gonzalez
Jen Bauer
Lynsey Gallagher
J Lofty
Ben Brewer 
Matt Gould
Aidan Johnson
Lynn Bryant
Jacob McCown
Tomer Proctor-Zenker
AJ Lance
Kammi Kringle
Talia Last
Lily Drew
Emma Foley
Delaina Kuzelka
Megan Schaut
Travis Siepl
Aurthur Weime 
Allison Hayes
Lucero Martinez
Chalena Williams
Maggie Jay
Savana Andershock
Aren Goodwin
Petr Jaros
Starlyn Howard
Jordan McGraw
Daniel Reed
Colton Smith
Jenna Speers
Kammi Kringle
Jess Baker 


Rachael Swartz

RACHAEL SWARTZ (Director) teaches Acting, Voice, Movement, and Musical Theatre at UW-Parkside and during the summer she serves on the Acting and Musical Theatre faculty at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Rachael is a proud union member of both Actors' Equity Association and Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. Some of her recent regional performance credits include: The 39 Steps (Annabella/Pamela/Margaret), The Sound of Music (Mother Abbess), and Romeo and Juliet (Nurse). Recent on-camera credits include work with the Travel Channel, ID, Oxygen and TV One. She holds an undergraduate degree from Baldwin Wallace University & her MFA in Theatre Performance from The University of Southern Mississippi. 

Ryan Cappleman

RYAN CAPPLEMAN (Music Director/Choreographer) is a performer, choreographer, musician, and teaching artist in the Milwaukee area. As a choreographer, he has earned three Footlights Awards for Outstanding Choreography (Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, and Pirates of Penzance at Skylight Music Theater), as well as numerous Jerry Awards for his work with many area high schools. Other places of Ryan’s dance related work include Danceworks, Minnesota Conservatory of the Arts Summer Dance Intensive, Virginia State Thespian Conference, Wisconsin Dance Council, Milwaukee Ballet, Marcus Center, and the Overture Center. Ryan choreographed the UW-Parkside production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in Spring 2021. For his two princesses, Iggy and Dolly.


CHALENA WILLIAMS (Assistant Director) is a senior Theatre Arts major with concentrations in Acting and Directing, and a minor in Digital and Media Production. Previous credits include Love’s Labour’s Lost (Jacquenetta), Pretty (Narrator), and The Tourists (Narrator). Chalena has held multiple internships with Fresh Films and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Production company. She has also worked as an Audio Engineer on the feature film Ghostland. This past October, Chalena traveled to Brunswick, GA to join the family of Ahmaud Arbery in solidarity. While there, she directed and shot a documentary highlighting the activists that came to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery. 


JODY SEKAS (Scenic Designer) is a production/scenic designer for theatre and film, having worked for such venues as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, First Stage Children’s Theatre, Door Shakespeare, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Renaissance Theaterworks, Dell’Arte International, Rochester Civic Theatre, Omaha Theatre Company for Young People, The Western Stage, and on the films The Music Inside, Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, FLEA, and The Wine of Summer. Jody taught Scenography for Theatre, Film, & Dance at Humboldt State University in northern California, Scenic/Lighting Design & Technology at UW-Eau Claire, and served as resident scenic and lighting designer for the Sioux Falls Playhouse in South Dakota. He is now in his tenth year at UW-Parkside as Associate Professor of Scenic Design & Technology and is a core professor in the Digital Design & Fabrication program.

MIsti Bradford

MISTI BRADFORD (Costume Designer) is a professional costume designer and educator. Selected design credits include The Thanksgiving Play and Bus Stop (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre), Boswell (MHK Productions⏤Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2019), Happy Days and Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven (Renaissance TheaterWorks), The Nerd (Milwaukee Repertory Theatre), Pride and Prejudice (Illinois Shakespeare Festival), Murder for Two (Merrimack Repertory Theatre and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre), Much Ado About Nothing and The Comedy of Errors (Door Shakespeare), two seasons of A Christmas Carol (Children’s Theatre of Madison), Goosebumps the Musical (First Stage Children’s Theatre), The Flying Dutchman, Les Misérables, and Man of La Mancha (Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre). Misti served for five seasons as Resident Costume Designer and three seasons as Costume Crafts Supervisor and Wig Stylist with PCPA Theaterfest. She has also worked as a Costume Crafts Artisan for American Players Theatre. Misti is an Associate Professor of Costume Design and currently serves as the Theatre Arts Department Chair. Misti is a proud member of the United Scenic Artists, Local 829. 


ERIN DILLON (Lighting Designer/Intimacy Director) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting and a passion for both Lighting Design and intimacy choreography. Previous acting credits at UW-Parkside include The Penelopiad (Helen/Maid), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged] (Actor 1), Midnight and Moll Flanders (Ensemble), My Barking Dog (Melinda), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Siobhan), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Fox / Ensemble). Recently, Erin played Ophelia in Fleeing Artists' production of Hamlet. She has also worked with First Stage Children’s Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre, and the Southwest Shakespeare Company. Previous credits as Intimacy Director include Proof, The Penelopiad, The Thanksgiving Play, and Circle Mirror Transformation. 


KEVIN GRAY (Sound Designer / Engineer) received his Bachelor of Arts in Sound Design from Michigan Technological University and serves as Sound Manager & Instructor for the Theatre Arts and Music departments at UW-Parkside where he teaches Sound Production and Sound Design. Previous design work for UW-Parkside includes The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Stupid F##cking Bird, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. You may also recognize Kevin if you attend any of Parkside’s concerts in Bedford Hall where he can usually be found mixing.  


ISABELLA CERNUSKA (Hair & Makeup Designer) is a senior Theatre Arts major. Past credits include Street Scene (Shirley Kaplan), Oedipus The King (Servant), and The Addams Family (Grandma Addams) at The College of Lake County. Isabella served as Hair and Makeup Designer for UW-Parkside's productions of The Thanksgiving Play, The Penelopiad, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Other experiences in hair and makeup include several productions at the Round Lake Area Park District and working as a makeup artist at Six Flags Fright Fest.


KENDALL PHILLIPS (Projections Designer) is thrilled to join the UW-Parkside Theatre Arts Company as their Production Manager, as well as serving as the lighting & new media for entertainment design instructor. Ken earned his M.F.A. in Lighting Design and his B.F.A. in Stage Management from the University of Arizona. He has designed lighting and projection content all around the country, mostly working in musical theatre and opera. Most notably, he was the Resident Lighting Designer & Supervisor for the nationally renowned Jacobs School of Music Opera & Ballet department at Indiana University, where his lighting and projection work on Turn of the Screw won the National Opera Associations Division VIII Production Competition Award for 2020. He has also served as a Production Stage Manager for many years and is a member of Actors’ Equity Association. 


GARRETT ALLEN (Prop Master) is a senior Theater Arts Major with a concentration in Acting. Previous credits include Stupid F##king Bird (Dev), Romeo and Juliet (Samson), and The War of the Worlds (Ensemble).


SAMANTHA FEILER (Stage Manager) is a senior Theatre Arts major with concentrations in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Stage Management. Previous acting credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Alicia) and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Cinderella). Stage management credits include Best of Br!nk Bre!fs 2020 and the Br!nk Bre!fs Playwriting Festival in 2018 and 2019 with Renaissance Theaterworks, Pinta El Feugo with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, and The Glass Menagerie, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and The War of the Worlds at UW-Parkside.


JOSHUA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Technical Director) is an accomplished scenic designer, technical director, and educator. Most recently Josh has worked as the technical director for the Brown University/Trinity Repertory company MFA program and as a carpenter for Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI. Josh has also worked multiple summers in Spring Green, WI as a carpenter at the American Players Theatre, building and sculpting scenery for their exciting outdoor production. He has also toured for multiple years⏤both nationally and internationally⏤as a Crew Chief and Head Carpenter for Sesame Street Live! and the world premiere tour of Curious George, The Musical, Live! Josh earned his BFA in Theatre from Emporia State University and completed an MFA in Theatrical Design at the University of Iowa. 


LYNSEY GALLAGHER (Scenic Charge Artist) is a senior Theatre Arts major, who transferred from St. Norbert College. UW-Parkside credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Carpenter), The Penelopiad (Scenic Charge Artist), Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (Assistant Scenic Designer & Scenic Charge Artist), The Glass Menagerie (Prop Master), Stupid F##king Bird (Master Carpenter & Scenic Artist), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged] (Prop Master, Carpenter, & Deck Crew), Romeo and Juliet (Carpenter, Scenic Artist, Stitcher), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Carpenter), Silent Sky (Carpenter/Electrician). Lynsey served as Assistant Stage Manager and Head of Props Run Crew for On Golden Pond at Racine Theatre Guild. Over the summer, she worked at Interlochen Center for the Arts as a carpenter for The Tempest, and Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. She has worked for the Entertainment Department at Six Flags Great America for three years and is currently a UW-Parkside Scene Shop Assistant.

AJ Lance

AJ LANCE (Dramaturg) is a senior with a double major in Mathematics and Economics, and minors in Theatre Arts, Music, and Chemistry. AJ has served on crew for multiple UW-Parkside theatre productions, including The Thanksgiving Play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged], and Romeo and Juliet. 


BEN COMPTON (Fight Director / Assistant Stage Manager) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a focus in acting, costume design, and fight direction. Previous acting credits at UW-Parkside include The Penelopiad (Oracle/Maid), Stupid F##king Bird (Conrad), Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Ensemble), and The War of the Worlds (Richard Pierson). Before attending UW-Parkside, Ben was a student at the College of Lake County where he played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has also acted for The Fleeing Artists as Chiron in Titus Andronicus and created the fight choreography for their recent production of Hamlet.


ALLISON HAYES (Assistant Sound Designer) is a junior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Allison’s Parkside credits include Circle Mirror Transformation (U/S Marty/Lauren & Sound Designer) and The Penelopiad (Maid/Iole). Other credits include James and The Giant Peach (James), She Kills Monsters (Farrah) at SFCC, and The Addams Family (Pugsley) at Next Generation Performing Arts Camp.


ARIELLE SANTOS (Wardrobe Supervisor) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Costume Design. Arielle served on the wardrobe crew for UW-Parkside's productions of The Penelopiad, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged]. Additional credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Prop Crew), The Glass Menagerie (Hair & Makeup Designer), and Romeo and Juliet (Paint Crew). 

Jenny Bauer

JENNY BAUER (Master Electrician) is a senior Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Design & Technology. Previous credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Lighting Designer), The Penelopiad (Master Electrician and Spot Op.), Midcoast Concert (Lighting Designer), Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Master Carpenter and Live Stream Team), The Glass Menagerie (Lighting Designer), Stupid F##king Bird (Assistant Lighting Designer), Romeo and Juliet (Assistant Technical Director, Master Electrician, and Light Board Op.), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Assistant Technical Director and Live Stream Team), On Golden Pond (Lighting Designer), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Master Electrician), Urinetown: The Musical (Master Carpenter and Spot Op.), and Grease (Lighting Designer). Jenny also works as a Scene Shop Assistant at UW-Parkside.

Charlie Collins

CHARLIE COLLINS (Guitar) Charlie’s musical journey has taken him around the world playing on cruise ships, with touring Broadway shows (The Lion King, Sweet Charity and more), regional cover and jazz bands, and with many local theater companies. He is ever so thankful for these opportunities to meet and perform with amazing musicians, actors, and other entertainers every step of the way and Indecent is no exception.


SAVANA ANDERSHOCK (Assistant Master Electrician) is a first-year Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Design & Technology. Previous credits include The Thanksgiving Play (Logan) and The Penelopiad (Deck Crew). 

Maya Gibson

MAYA GIBSON (Violinist) is a junior at UW-Parkside studying music therapy. Maya plays violin in the Parkside Community Orchestra.


Casa Capri for ongoing support, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre, Case High School


The College of Arts and Humanities with the UW-Parkside Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their investment in the Theatre Arts Department and students.

Susan M. Cable, D.D.S., '81*

Susan M. Cable, D.D.S., '81*
Dr. Donald A. Cress*
Marie Kohler & Brian Mani*
Patricia Petretti*

Laurie & Steve Feiler
Shirley Warter

Debra Karp & Stephen Smiley
Kim and Jody Sekas

Darleen Chiappetta
Barbara DeLaney
Ruth A. Frear
Dr. Claire M. Hicks
Lisa & Mike Humke
Karen MacKinnon
Jeff & Lynn Skatrud
Melissa Smyth

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She Kills Monsters

By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Brian Gill

Main Stage Theatre
Apr 29-May 8

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