Student Spotlight: Ashley Jelinek

Published: April 23, 2015
By: Alyssa Mowrer '16

Congratulations to Ashley Jelinek for winning the campus-wide award for the Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Contest!

This contest is held every year and the prize is a $2,000 scholarship. This year's topic was bridging the gap between the science and humanities disciplines. Each of the 13 UW Colleges can only submit one application and only one of the final 13 will win the prize. The final selection will be determined by a group of judges from the UW System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts (SAGLA).  

Ashley's essay is currently being considered at the system level, if it wins at that level then it will be eligible for the award. 

There will be a panel session dedicated to her accomplishment at the Writer's Conference, sponsored by the English department, on May 7-9. 

Thanks for being Real.Amazing Ashley!

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