Dining Plans

Which Dining Plan is right for me?

You should choose your dining plan based on your eating habits and where you think you will make most of your purchases. If you're a light eater or someone who only snacks throughout the day, consider the lowest level plans – the Parkside Plan (for residents), and the Ultimate Saver (for commuters). If you prefer three meals a day and like your daily "snacks", you might consider a larger plan like the Parkside Plus (for residents) or the Premium Saver (for commuters). 

If you need to adjust your plan at semester, no problem. If you find yourself running out of money during the semester, you can also add money to your current plan.

What exactly is Brickstone Buying Power (BBP)?

Dining plans are a cost effective ways to enjoy dining on campus. The Brickstone Buying Power was created to provide you with the best value for your money. With BBP, you receive a 50% discount on every purchase in the Brickstone Grill & Eatery thus doubling the worth of your dining dollars. For example, $94 worth of Dining Dollars is worth $188 when spent at Brickstone Grill and Eatery. 

Non-Residential Dining Plans 2018-2019

(Commuters, Faculty, and Staff)


Total Plan Cost

Dining Dollar Worth with BBP

Ultimate Saver $181.00/semester $224.00/semester
Deluxe Saver $293.00/semester $364.00/semester
Premium Saver $406.00/semester $504.00/semester

Non-Residential Students, Faculty, and Staff: Sign up for a dining plan online.


Residential Students 2018-2019

Residential students are required to participate in a dining plan. You will select your plan when you fill out your housing application.



Total Plan Cost

Dining Dollar Worth with BBP

Parkside Plan $1,349.00/semester $1,700.00/semester
Ranger Plan $1,488.00/semester $1,978.00/semester
Green/Black Plan $1,614.00/semester $2,230.00/semester
Parkside Plus Plan $1,766.00/semester $2,534.00/semester


No cash? No problem! Just swipe your Student ID

Save gas! Stay on campus to eat

It's convenient!

Because a candy bar and soda does not qualify as a meal

Choices! Choices! So many places on campus to eat!

You still have dishes in the sink from last week...

Ramen noodles only go so far!

At some point, you need to eat. We are here when you are ready!

No grocery shopping necessary