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Dining Plans









2021-2022 Academic Year




Total Plan Cost per semester




Money Deposited on card

Brickstone Buying Power
On Campus- Parkside $1,428 $511 $917 $1,834
On Campus- Ranger $1,574 $511 $1,063 $2,126
On Campus- Green/Black $1,706 $511 $1,195 $2,390
On Campus-Parkside Plus $1,865 $511 $1,354 $2,708


$71 $120 $240
Commuter-Deluxe $310 $114 $196 $392
Commuter-Premium  $430 $158 $272 $544


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Dietary & Nutritional Needs: Dining Services will make every effort to accommodate special dietary and nutrition needs. Connect with the campus dietician for assistance (diningservice@uwp.edu).

2. Plant based and Gluten: Plant based and gluten free options are available daily across all dining service locations.

3. Overhead: The difference in the cost of the plan and amount of Dining Dollars on the Ranger Card are standard operating costs associated with offering an on-campus dining program including utilities, maintenance, and custodial services.

4. Balances at End of Semester: Dining Dollar balances roll over from fall to spring only when you purchase a spring semester dining plan; balances at the end of spring semester will expire.

5. Summer Plan: At this time we do not offer a summer dining plan option.

What exactly is Brickstone Buying Power (BBP)?

Dining plans are a cost effective ways to enjoy dining on campus. The Brickstone Buying Power was created to provide you with the best value for your money. With BBP, you receive a 50% discount on your purchases in the Brickstone Grill & Eatery (excludes pre-packaged and grab-n-go items) thus doubling the worth of your dining dollars.  


Which Dining Plan is right for me?

You should choose your dining plan based on your eating habits and where you think you will make most of your purchases. The average resident spends $4.96 per meal. If you're a light eater or someone who only snacks throughout the day, consider the lowest level plans – the Parkside Plan (for residents), and the Ultimate Saver (for commuters). If you prefer three meals a day and like your daily "snacks", you might consider a larger plan like the Parkside Plus (for residents) or the Premium Saver (for commuters). 

If you need to adjust your plan at semester, no problem. If you find yourself running out of money during the semester, you can also add money to your current plan.

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