High School Student Programs

Looking for options for high school students? Parkside serves the needs of our community in a variety of ways. Find out more about Parkside's offerings for high school students, and get started!

NOTE: If you are currently a high school student looking for information about attending Parkside once you graduate, visit the New Freshmen page.


The Parkside Access to College Credit Program (PACC), is an equitable 
concurrent enrollment program at UW-Parkside. Concurrent enrollment refers to programs that enable you to enroll in courses that earn both high school and college credit, taught by university-authorized high school teachers at the high school during the regular school day.

Learn more about PACC

Special Student

Both public and private high school students may apply as high school specials and earn post-secondary credits. Students and their families are responsible for the costs of tuition and fees.   

Learn more about applying as a High School Special student

Early College Credit Program

Early College Credit Program is one of Wisconsin's programs to provide post-secondary credit to students while still in high school.

Learn more about Early College Credit Program

Starting Fall 2023, qualified high school students who took UW-Parkisde course(s) while in high school will now receive guaranteed admission to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

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