• Parkside encourages you to apply your classroom learning, broaden your world view and develop professional networks while engaging with the community.



No matter what your interests are, Parkside will help you reach beyond the classroom. With programs like our undergraduate research symposium, we're continually bringing new and exciting opportunities to campus. Serve your community, and get academic credit, with community-based learning or an internship. Want to explore even further? Study abroad and see the world.

Shaping Citizens

Parkside prepares you to be fully knowledgeable, active citizens committed to ongoing engagement with the local and global communities. Parkside students have many opportunities to gain leadership skills, explore complex issues, and take action on campus and in the community to make a difference.

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Study abroad in more than 40 countries

Growing Scholars

Parkside faculty members both challenge and support you as you explore your academic passions. Parkside offers exciting opportunities to involve students in research and scholarship that contributes to their field of interest and the community.

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1,000 students participate annually in 140 community-based learning projects

Launching Careers

Parkside faculty and staff are committed to helping you build your professional portfolio. Students can explore their career interests through community-based learning courses, jobs, and internships on campus and in the community.

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Kyle's experience

The App Factory offers an excellent extracurricular activity. My work there has taken me from a novice to one of the most proficient programmers on campus. I can do homework and school projects but it’s completely different than actually working for a real-life company and doing real-life work.”

Kyle Zawacki, a computer science student who designed the Belle Urban System app as part of the App Factory. 



Fostering Thriving Communities

Parkside helps you contribute your talent and make a positive impact in the local and global communities.

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More than 500 internship opportunities
Carnegie Foundation Elective Community Engagement Classification
Campus Compact - Campus in Action - Civic Action Planning Initiative
The Presidents Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

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