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Sergio Correa headshot fall

Sergio Correa 
Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor

Territory:  College of Lake County, Gateway Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Gia Gutierrez

Gia Gutierrez
Admissions Counselor

Territory:  Kenosha County, Racine County, Waukegan
Se Habla Espanol

Diana Mantey

Diana Mantey
Nonresident Admissions Counselor

Territory: Out of state high schools


Ting Wang headshot

Ting Wang
Admissions Counselor

Territory:  Fox Valley Area, Milwaukee suburbs, various Wisconsin counties

Troy Moldenhauer outdoor, fall headshot

Troy Moldenhauer 
Director of Admissions and Recruitment


Tifashia Norphlet headshot

Tifashia Norphlet
Admissions Counselor

Territory: Milwaukee Public Schools and Dane County

Courtney Payne headshot, outdoors in fall

Courtney Payne 
Adult Learner Admissions Counselor, Visitor Services Coordinator 


Karen Ritter headshot, outdoors in fall

Karen Ritter
Coordinator of International Recruitment

Territory:  International

Processing Staff

Sharon Acerbi headshot, outdoors in fall

Sharon Acerbi

Office Assistant

Janine Chiaverotti headshot, outdoors in fall

Janine Chiaverotti

Student Status Examiner

Lisa Elliot headshot, outdoors in fall

Lisa Elliott 

Student Status Examiner

Barbara Hasper, headshot outdoors in fall

Barbara Hasper

Student Status Examiner

Betsy Ptack-Hollow headshot, outside fall

Betsy Ptack-Hollow

Student Status Examiner


Gino Gumino headshot, outside fall

Gino Gumino
Admissions Technology Specialist