Sports & Activity Center

The Sports and Activity Center (SAC) at Parkside is the perfect place for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your time as a student. College can be stressful, and we want to make sure you're taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically. With multiple options for staying active, there's something for everyone at the SACMemberships are also available for the general public. The SAC also serves as the home of the Parkside Rangers!


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Wellness Center & the Strength and Conditioning Center

The Wellness Center and Strength and Conditioning Center were designed with you in mind. Providing a welcoming, comfortable environment for exercise, they're the perfect place to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. They both features a vast variety of cardiovascular equipment, resistance training machines, and free weight equipment along with plenty of open space for stretching and individualized exercises -- in addition, the Strength and Conditioning Center features Olympic lifting platforms/equipment.

An active membership is required for access. A ranger card must be presented for ID and membership tracking purposes.

  • All members must check in and out with every visit.

Safety is our primary concern.

  • Bags or any other tripping hazards are not permitted beyond the desk area.
  • Open drink containers and all food are not permitted.
  • Cell phone use is restricted to music only.
  • No call or texting.

Proper attire and behavior required at all times.

  • Non-offensive/non-revealing clothing.
  • Non-offensive language and mannerisms
  • Closed toe athletic type shoes (no sandals or flip flops).
  • Hard soled shoes (boots, dress shoes, etc.) may not be worn on cardiovascular machines.

All equipment and accessories must only be used in the manner in which they are designed and recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Collars must be utilized on all barbells.
  • Dumbbells or weight plates may not be dropped or thrown. The only exception is when utilizing bumper plates appropriately in designated areas.
  • Dumbbells or weight plates may not be placed on benches or machines,
  • Use of spotters (or staff) on all heavy lifts.
  • Re-rack weights and return all accessories to proper locations after use.
  • All equipment must be wiped down when finished.
  • Towels and disinfectant are available.

Non compliance with staff or policies can result in immediate expulsion and a permanent ban from the facilities.

  • Membership is a privilege, not a right.


Whether you're a fan of kickball, flag football, or dodgeball, we've got an intramural sport for you. Free for all students, intramurals are a great way to take a break from studying, meet new people, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the season, check out which intramural sports are going on, sign up, and get ready to bring you're A-game!


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