Nonresident Tuition Assistance

Students and their families often find themselves deciding between a quality education and an affordable one. Why settle for one when you can have both?

Parkside is the most affordable four-year university in the University of Wisconsin System. We offer an amazing education — small class sizes, great facilities, unique opportunities, and personal attention — that still fits your budget. 

Let us help you build a plan for paying for college and managing your money!  


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Students coming from neighboring Midwest states (excluding MN) may qualify for a reduced tuition rate. The Midwest tuition rate is approximately 50% above the Wisconsin Resident tuition rate, and around 50% below the non-resident rate. All admitted students will be evaluated for scholarship eligibility OR the Midwest tuition rate and will be offered the option most financially beneficial to the student.


Students from states* other than Wisconsin or Minnesota are charged the nonresident tuition rate. The amounts listed represent full-time enrollment. Students attending less than full-time are still eligible for the scholarship program, but will receive a prorated amount. Students in programs or courses with special tuition rates do not qualify.

International Students  |  There are a limited number of renewable awards for full time, degree-seeking international students that cover a portion of the out-of-state tuition charge. Funding is limited, so we strongly recommend that international students apply early for admission.

*Students from surrounding Midwest states may qualify for reduced tuition either via the nonresident scholarship program, or the Midwest tuition rate.


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Wisconsin and Minnesota have a tuition reciprocity agreement which allows students from Minnesota to pay the same tuition rate as the in-state rate at a Minnesota State University. This is not automatically applied, and does require action from students admitted from Minnesota through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.  


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