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Every semester, we take a close look at our most popular courses as well as professional needs to provide courses that ensure you have a blast while learning new, applicable skills. 

Choose from expert-led courses in technology, personal finance, gardening, photography, language, music, and wellness to take the first steps to accomplish your goals, advance your career, and improve your life through learning. 


Retirement Planning Today

Justus Morgan  |  6 hr

You went to school to prepare for your career. Now it’s time to learn how to make those dollars work for you! This course will show you how to make informed, aligned decisions so your retirement is everything you want it to be. 

$59 Individual  |  $79 Couple

Choose from Thursday or Saturday sessions.

Thursdays  |  October 17-24 |  6-9 pm
Saturdays  |  October 26-November 2  |  9 am-12 pm


Looking to learn a new language? Start here! We have classes in Russian, French, and Spanish. Whether you’re looking to travel, meet professional needs, or just want to explore a new culture, these language classes are sure to boost your brain power and guide you on your road to fluency.

Beginning Conversational Spanish

Rose Grinder-Mondragon  |  12 hr

$79 Individual

Thursdays  | Oct 3-Nov 14  |  7-9 pm
(no class on Oct 31)

Russian for Beginners I

Dr. Ana Igornov  |  12 hr

$79 Individual

Wednesdays  |  Sep 25-Oct 30  |  7-9 pm

Russian for Beginners II

Dr. Ana Igornov  |  12 hr

$79 Individual

Wednesdays  |  Nov 13-Dec 18 |  7-9 pm



Digital Photography Overview

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

A first look at many aspects of photography that are covered in greater, hands-on detail in upcoming classes. 

$25 Individual
Monday, Sep 30  |  7-9 pm

Petrifying Springs Park

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

Take this hands-on trip to practice scenic picture taking with your camera at the beautiful Petrified Springs Park! 

$39 Individual

Sunday  | Oct 13  | 3-5 pm

Digital Camera Basics

Mike Bisom  |  8 hr

Cameras and Technology don't have to be confusing. Find out why resolution, megapixels, JPEGs, and memory cards matter. Bring your camera - no question is off limits! 

$89 Indvidual

Tuesdays  | Oct 1-22  |  7-9 pm

Advanced Digital Camera

Mike Bisom  |  10 hr

Flash past Digital Camera Basics! Participants will take and in-depth look at shutter, white-balance, focusing, and more. The skills you learn in this course can be applied to any camera with manual controls, so you can keep practicing long after the final class.

$99 Individual

Tuesdays  |  Oct 29-Nov 26  |  7-9 pm

Storing & Managing Images

Mike Bisom  | 2 hr

Never worry about lost files again! Learn how files can be lost and the ways you can retrieve them. 

$39 Individual

Wednesday  |  Oct 23  |  7-9 pm

Principles of Lighting & Exposure

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

This class explores the use of light in photography and helps you understand how light can make your images stunning. 

$39 Individual

Wednesday |  Oct 30  |  7-9 pm

Using Your Camera Flash

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

This hands-on class will help you improve your photo’s quality in a flash! Discover how manipulating your camera’s flash can improve the quality of light in your pictures. 

$39 Individual

Monday  | Nov 4  |  7-9 pm

Macro & Light Painting

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

Macro photography gives your photos a larger-than-life feel, while light painting is an imaging technique that enhances your images of stationary objects. In this class, you will experiment with the two and discover a world of photography beyond imagination! 

$39 Individual

Wednesday  | Nov 6  |  7-9 pm

Lens Workshop

Mike Bisom  |  2 hr

Your camera’s lens can actually make or break your photos, and shooting with the best possible lens impacts the quality of your photos and how to choose the best lens for your needs. 

$39 Individual

Monday  |  Nov 11  |  7-9 pm


Composition: The Art of Better Photos

Mike Bisom  |  4 hr

This course will help you improve the quality of your pictures through discovering the number one composition rule, compositional guidelines for better images, and a personal portfolio review of your photos. 

$59 Individual

Wednesday  | Nov 13-20  | 7-9 pm



Tai Chi for Beginners

Ron Pfeiffer  |  6 hr

Take the first step on your journey to better health and wellness with this step-by-step course for beginners in Tai Chi. Benefits of Tai Chi practice include greater stability, lower blood pressure, boosted metabolism, enhanced circulation, reduced stress, and improved sleep, flexibility, joint range, and brain function. 

$59 Individual 

Tuesdays  |  Sep 10- Oct 15  |  5:15-6:15 pm

Tai Chi for Beginners Session 2 

Ron Pfeiffer  |  6 hr

This course is perfect for those wishing to continue their study of Tai Chi and will help you become calmer, stronger, and happier with your health prospects. 

$59 Individual 

Tuesdays  | Sep 10-Oct 15  |  6:30-7:30 pm


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