Looking for other options? Parkside serves the needs of our community in a variety of ways. To find out more about these offerings and to get started, use the drop-down links below!

New students wishing to audit a class must complete two steps:
  1. Apply to the university as a special/auditing student using the UW System Application.
  2. Request an emailed version of the Audit a Course form. When the form arrives to you by email, complete and submit it following the instructions on the form.
A class audit is allowed on a space available basis and only with the written approval of the instructor. Audit registration cannot be done on SOLAR.

Re-entry students are students who previously attended UW-Parkside but have not been enrolled for two semesters or more.


Special or Visiting (non-degree seeking) students are students who choose to take one or more classes at UW-Parkside for a number of purposes. Students may take part-time classes at Parkside while pursuing their degree at another institution, take classes for personal enrichment, take classes for professional development, and more.  

  • Non-degree seeking students  are not eligible for financial aid from UW-Parkside.
  • Non-degree seeking students are required to re-apply each semester they wish to enroll in a course.
  • Enrollment is limited to six credits unless a credit overload form is approved.
  • A maximum of 15 credits can be applied to UW-Parkside's graduation requirements from enrollment under this status.
Application Process:
  1. Apply as a non-degree seeking student using the UW System Application.
  2. Review the course schedule. If you wish to take any course with prerequisites, email the professor. Attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts that demonstrates your prerequisite coursework along with your reason for requesting to enroll in the course.
Note: No application fee is required for special/visiting students.
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