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Youth Options

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Looking for other options?  Parkside serves the needs of our community in a variety of ways.   To find out more about these offerings, and to get started, use the links below!


Undergraduate Special/Visitor Student (not seeking a degree from UW-Parkside)

Special or Visiting students are students who choose to take one or more classes at UW-Parkside for a number of purposes.  Students may take part-time classes at Parkside while pursuing their degree at another institution, take classes for personal enrichment, take classes for professional development, and more.  Apply as a non-degree seeking student using the UW system application.   No application fee is needed.  It is likely transcripts will only be needed if there are prerequisites requirements for desired courses.

Youth Options – Information for Wisconsin high school students regarding the state's program to provide post-secondary credit to students while still in high school.

Course Options - A new program for Wisconsin public high school students to provide post-secondary credits to students while still in high school.

High School Specials - Both public and private high school students may apply as high school specials and earn post-secondary credits. Students and their families are responsible for the costs of tuition and fees.

Re-entry – Applicants who previously attended UW-Parkside but have not been enrolled for at least the last semester can complete this  process for re-entry to the university.

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