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Transfer Students


There is no such thing as “one size fits all” for transfer students. With unique life experiences and educational goals, we recognize your needs are specific as a transfer student and we are ready to help. UW-Parkside invites you to learn what makes us the distinct transfer choice.

Being a transfer student at Parkside means having 12 or more transferrable credits after completing high school/secondary school or earning a high school diploma equivalent. As a transfer student at Parkside, you will:

At Parkside, we proudly maintain strong partnerships with many regional colleges and universities. Our transfer admissions counselors provide guidance and prepare timely and accurate transfer credit evaluations, allowing you to maximize transfer credit and make informed decisions.

At Parkside, we believe an amazing education should also be affordable. Our tuition and fees are the lowest in the UW-System and our accessibility helps students succeed.

At Parkside, we are committed to the success of transfer students and the Parkside experience is designed to support your path to graduation. Transfer students benefit from small class sizes, individualized support from staff and faculty, and learning within and beyond the classroom.

Application and Required Materials

1. Complete the UW System Online Application.

Create an account and start a new application for Parkside at apply.wisconsin.edu.

2. Submit application fee.

  • The application fee can be paid online at the time of submission using a credit card.
  • Students receiving government assistance such as Medicaid, Food Share, Unemployment or Disability, and students receiving the Pell Grants at their current institution qualify can submit a fee waiver. Please contact us if you need any assistance with this process.
  • If you do not qualify for a fee waiver but you are currently experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to us. We have set aside a limited amount of funds to assist students during this difficult time. 

3. High School Transcript

You will need to submit your high school transcript if:

a. If you are currently in your first semester of college or if you believe you have under 12 transferrable credits, you will need to follow the first-year student process below. Please click here.

b. If you have 12 or more transferrable credits, you can submit an unofficial or official copy of your high school transcript if you feel you meet the criteria below.

The foreign language requirement can be met under any of the following circumstances:

  • Students who completed a minimum of two years of one foreign language at a secondary school with a final grade of C or better (grade of C-minus is not acceptable) in the last course taken.
  • Students who completed one high school unit and one college semester in the same language, provided that the college course is at least on the second-semester level.

If you submit an unofficial copy, you will be required to submit an official copy if admitted.

4. Submit official transcripts from any colleges and/or universities ever attended.

Official transcripts must be submitted from all colleges/universities ever attended, whether courses will transfer or not. All transcripts must be official and come directly from the institution.

Where to Submit Materials

UW-Parkside Admissions
900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, WI, 53144



Admissions Deadlines

Rolling Admission: Parkside operates on a rolling admission basis and, as such, we reserve the right to stop accepting applications when we believe the enrollment capacities for the campus can be satisfied by the number of students already admitted. We encourage you to complete your application early.

Anticipated Deadlines: Parkside anticipates closing admission for new freshmen and transfer students no later than August 1 for Fall semester and January 15 for Spring semester. All application materials (including the application, transcripts, fees, test scores, etc.) need to arrive to admissions before the end of business each of these days.

Application Processing and Decision Timeline

Completed Application: Applications are reviewed once all application materials arrive.  One missing item will hold up the entire application review process.

Processing Time: Once all materials are received, a committee will meet to review the application and a transfer decision is typically made within 5-7 days.  At peak times and for students with a large number of transfer credits, additional days may be required.

Decision Letter: Applicants typically receive their decision letter within two weeks of submitting all materials. You may also call us to check the status of your application: 262-595-2355. A decision can only be shared directly with the student who applied.  


Admissions Requirements and Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review: Parkside completes a comprehensive review with each application we receive. Thoroughly complete the entire application including the personal statement. Both academic and nonacademic factors that are presented in an application are used to make an admission decision. The most competitive candidates for admission present positive factors in their application that are both academic and nonacademic. If you have been denied admission and wish to learn about the appeal process, please contact the Admissions Office.

Transfer students who are likely to be admitted will have:

At least 12 transferrable credits
Have a 2.0 or higher in transferrable course work

Transfer Credit Quick Navigation


Formal Transfer Credit Evaluation

Once all application materials are submitted and your application is complete, an official transfer credit evaluation will be completed. All credits will be reviewed for transfer to UW-Parkside if the credits were completed a regionally accredited college or university.  If you are admitted to the university, you will be emailed a link to your transfer credit report.

Informal Transfer Credit Evaluation

Parkside offers two informal transfer assessment tools to help you make an informed decision. We recommend printing a record of all coursework referenced and contacting your transfer admissions counselor with questions.
Log onto TRANSFEROLOGY to see how your courses will transfer, and contact us with any questions.
Transferology logo


Go to Transfer Wisconsin to learn more about how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College Systems.

Evaluation for Online Degree Completion Programs

Parkside offers online degree completion programs in Business Management, Health Information Management and Technology, Liberal Studies, Sociology, and Sustainable Management. Prerequisites are required to declare a major and pursue courses in these programs. To see if you are eligible for an online degree completion program, the UW-Parkside transfer admissions team will evaluate your credits before you apply.

To request an evaluation, complete the Online Degree Completion Program Readiness Evaluation Request.

Transfer Agreements and Guides

Parkside has worked with partner institutions to develop articulations agreements and transfer guides to serve the needs of transfer students. View our transfer guides and articulation agreements.

AP, CLEP, and IB Equivalent Credits

College credit may be awarded for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework, and CLEP score results. An official AP score report, official CLEP score report, or official IB transcript must be sent to Parkside prior to attending.

Military Credits

If you have military experience, submit an official copy of your joint service transcript or Community College of the Air Force transcript to be evaluated. Additional information can be found at on our Veteran’s Services page.

Transfer Credit Policies

An overview of transfer students policies affecting general university requirements and skill requirements is shown below. For additional policies and procedures, view the academic catalog.

Transfer Students and General University Requirements

1. Transfer credit is generally awarded for college level course work completed at institutions accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Credits may be granted for post-secondary course work at a foreign institution if the institution is recognized by the Ministry of Education or the equivalent authority who supervises tertiary education in that country. Students seeking transfer from an international post-secondary institution will be referred to a foreign credential service to determine U.S. credit equivalents for academic work completed at an institution of higher learning in another country (ECE, WES, One Earth).
2. Transfer courses which are the substantial equivalent of approved UW-Parkside general university requirements (skills, general education, foreign language*, and ethnic diversity requirements) courses will be counted toward general education requirements.

3. Transfer students with less than 54 transferable credits will be required to meet UW-Parkside skills, general education,foreign language*, and ethnic diversity requirements.

4. Transfer students with 54 or more transferable credits will be required to meet the general education requirement by categories, NOT the specific distribution by subcategories. The distribution by categories is as follows:
Humanities and the Arts - 12 credits
Social and Behavioral Science - 12 credits
Natural Science - 12 credits
These students must also complete UW-Parkside's skills, foreign language*, and ethnic diversity requirements.

5. Students transferring to UW-Parkside from a UW System institution (the four-year universities and two-year colleges) may follow the UW-Parkside general university requirements that were in effect at the time they entered the previous institution. Transfer students should contact the Advising and Career Center for detailed information on general education requirements.

6. Transfer students with bachelor's degree from an accredited liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting college or university, or an associate of arts or science degree (with at least 45 transferable credits) from an accredited college parallel liberal arts program will be considered to have completed the UW-Parkside general education and skills requirements. Students must still meet the foreign language* and ethnic diversity requirements.

7. Transfer students who complete 90 transferable credits (as outlined above), a bachelor's degree from an accredited liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting college or university, or an associate of arts or science degree (as outlined above) at another institution after enrollment at UW-Parkside are exempt from UW-Parkside general education and skills requirements only if the 90 transferable credits or the degree is awarded within one year of initial enrollment at UW-Parkside. Students must still meet the foreign language* and ethnic diversity requirements.

8. Students may transfer a maximum of 72 transferable degree credits earned at a non-baccalaureate accredited liberal arts/collegiate transfer program. Occupational/ technical courses may also be considered for transfer if the quality and content of the course work is judged to be comparable to course work at UW-Parkside. UW-Parkside may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. This does not alter university policies related to program completion, residency or graduation requirements.

9. College level credits completed at institutions accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization earned more than 10 years prior to admission will be accepted in transfer but may not fulfill a program or degree requirement.

10. Transfer, degree seeking student must earn a minimum of 30 of their last 60 credits at UW-Parkside toward their degree to fulfill the residency requirement. Individual departments and programs may require that certain courses be taken at UW-Parkside.

11. If a student earns transfer credits via a transfer or articulation agreement and subsequently changes his/ her academic major or program, all transfer credits may be reevaluated to determine if, and how they apply to the new major or program.

12. Students may appeal any course transfer determination by contacting in writing, the UW-Parkside Transfer Credit Evaluation Coordinator (minger@uwp.edu). Students will be required to supply a course syllabus used during the term and year the course was completed.

* Transfer students in business management online and sustainable management and health information management and technology collaborative, online degree-completion programs will be exempt from the university's foreign language requirement. See appropriate academic section for further information.

Certification of Transfer Students in Skills Requirements

While transfer students are expected to complete the skills requirements within the deadlines stated in the policy, the university recognizes that transfer students may have met the reading, writing, computational, and/or information literacy skills  requirements at a previous college or university. Therefore, the faculty has created guidelines for evaluating the applicability of previous course work for certification in these areas; this evaluation is completed when the student is first accepted to UW-Parkside.   
Reading and Writing Competencies: Transfer students will be certified in the reading and writing competencies if they have successfully completed a course equivalent to English 101 at another college or university with a grade of C-minus or better. Students who have not completed such a course should take the English placement test to determine which course to take. Placement beyond English 101 fulfills the reading and writing competency for graduation.  
Computational Skills: Transfer students will be certified in computational skills if they have completed a course equivalent to Mathematics 111 or Mathematics 102 with a grade of C-minus or better, or passed any higher level mathematics course at a previous college or university. Students who have not completed such course work should take the mathematics placement test. Placement into Mathematics 112 or beyond on the UW-Parkside placement test fulfills the computational skills requirement for general education; however, some majors may require additional mathematics courses.  
90+ Acceptable Credits: Transfer students with 90 or more acceptable credits of multidisciplinary course work from an accredited liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting college or university will be considered to have completed UW-Parkside skills requirements.
The same policy shall apply to transfer students holding acceptable associate degrees, provided they have completed 45 or more transferable credits. 

 Please click a name to meet with

Jenna Balek Seth Lane Stacy Tinholt
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 Counselor Stacy
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Academics Quick Navigation


View our list of majors to explore programs offered, including majors, minors, certificates, and pre-professional programs. Learn more about an academic program and contact information.  

Academic Catalog

View the academic catalog to explore course requirements for certain majors, general requirements for all Parkside students, and more.

Course Schedule

View the course schedule to see offerings and times for current and upcoming semesters. Use the advanced class search setting to search for certain course formats, days offered, subject areas, and more.

Graduation Requirements:

A number of factors affect your timeline to graduation, including your transfer credits, how many credits you choose to enroll in, semesters you wish to take courses (fall and spring only or winter and/or summer additionally), and more. After being admitted to the university, your advisor will help you establish your path to graduation.

To receive a bachelor's degree from UW-Parkside, students must:

1. Complete 120 credits of college work. This must include 36 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. Certain elementary courses are identified in the catalog and/or course schedule as not counting toward the 120 credits required for graduation. In addition, only the first 8 credits of physical education activity courses (100 level) may be counted toward graduation or grade point averages (GPA).

2. Earn a minimum of 30 of their final 60 credits toward their undergraduate degree at UW-Parkside. Individual departments and programs may require that certain courses must be taken at UW-Parkside. Students must complete all course work to be counted toward graduation by the end of the semester/subscription period in which they graduate.

3. Attain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale. Some programs have higher GPA requirements. Transfer students must also have a cumulative 2.00 GPA on the combination of transfer credits accepted and credits attempted at UW-Parkside.

4. Complete an approved major program of study with the minimum major GPA as specified by the program or department. Usually, the minimum GPA is 2.00 on a 4.00 scale, but some majors require a higher GPA. Students who apply transfer credits to their majors must also meet the minimum major GPA requirement on the combination of transfer credits and UW-Parkside credits. At least 15 credits of upper level course work (courses numbered 300 or higher) must be completed at UW-Parkside. A student may not graduate with an incomplete grade in major course work if failure in that course would reduce the GPA in the major below the minimum GPA.

5. Meet UW-Parkside general university requirements. To see how the number of transfer credits affect these requirements, click the "Transfer Credit" tab. For a full list of university policies, see the academic catalog. This includes:

i. Skills Requirements
ii. General Education Requirements
iii. Foreign Language Requirement
iv. Ethnic Diversity Requirement

6. Submit an application to graduate and pay the required application fee. This is the way in which students obtain institutional and departmental approval of their petition to graduate.

Along with considering your transfer credits, it's important to visit our campus, experience Parkside first-hand, and learn about campus resources. From campus tours to specialized visit events, we offer many ways for you to get acclimated to campus. 

Virtual Tour
Take our virtual tour and hear from current students about why you should be at Parkside. Learn about programs offered at Parkside, campus resources and activities, and more. Take the virtual tour now!  
Campus Tour
Tour the campus with a student Campus Ambassador and visit Parkside's academic buildings, Ranger Residence Hall, and the Sports and Activity Center. Before the tour begins, an Admissions Counselor will present on academics, campus life, and more. This visit lasts approximately 90 minutes.   
Ranger Saturday
Attend an admissions presentation on academics, campus life, and more. Hear from a student panel about their Parkside experience. Tour the campus with a Campus Ambassador and ask any departing questions before you leave.
Experience Parkside Day
Join us for our premier visit experience which includes an admissions presentation, student panel, information fair, academic session, and a student-led campus tour.

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