Hang Out and Play

Making sure you have opportunities to connect with your peers and build relationships while at Parkside is just as important to us as your academic success. If you're looking for a place to hang out on a Friday night, watch a great movie, or spend some time working on a group project, Parkside has a perfect place for you. Head down to the Den for food and fun, stop by the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster hit, walk over to the Sports and Activities center for a game of three-on-three, or settle in at the library to get some homework done.

There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check back later.

The Den

Looking for a place to kick back and relax on a Friday night? Don't waste gas leaving campus, head on down to the Den! With great food, video games, pool tables, and more, The Den is the perfect place to meet new people and have some much-needed fun.


Need help researching a big paper? Looking for a quiet place to study? Need somewhere to meet for group work? The Library at Parkside is the answer. Whether you prefer open spaces or quiet rooms, the Library is the perfect place to hunker down and get some work done.


Are you a movie buff? Looking for a date idea? Want a break from studying for midterms? Parkside's cinema shows a new movie each week, giving you a chance to escape your textbooks and enter an imaginary world where papers and exams don't exist

Student Center

The Parkside Student Center is the hot spot on campus; everything you might need or want you can find here. Looking to join a club? Check out the Student Activities office. Want to open a savings account? Educators Credit Union can help. In need of some new Parkside gear to show your school spirit? The Bookstore has a great selection at a great price. When the snow is falling outside, come on in for a cozy place to hang out. When it's warm and sunny, the outdoor tables are a great spot to eat lunch or study.

Student Activities

If you're interested in joining or starting a student organization, the Student Activities office is the place to go. Want to strengthen your leadership skills? Check out the leadership development resources. Looking for ways to volunteer on and off campus? The Parkside Volunteer program can help you find a perfect outlet for blending your skills and passions.


Whether you're a fan of kickball, flag football, or dodgeball, we've got an intramural sport for you. Free for all students, intramurals are a great way to take a break from studying, meet new people, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the season, check out which intramural sports are going on, sign up, and get ready to bring you're A-game!

Disc Golf

Our campus grounds are beautiful, and what better way to enjoy them than by playing a round of disc golf? Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this fun and active pastime will give you the opportunity to meet new people and explore your campus.

Sports and Activity Center

Feeling sluggish after studying all evening long? Head over the Sports and Activity Center and swim a few laps, or get a game of three-on-three started. Looking for a fun activity during the week? Check out which athletic events are happening. With a variety or sports and workout facilities, there's always something to do over at the SAC.

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