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Math Pathways



Math is more than a graduation requirement; it can be the gateway to your future major. By following your pathway, you will develop the skills you need to be successful in your major.

All students need to complete or test out of Math 102, Math 103, Math 104, or Math 111 to satisfy the Computational Skill requirement for graduation. Your math pathway should be based on your academic interest or major, and where you start on the path is determined by your placement test score.


You can meet your graduation requirement by completing one of these courses

Math 102   Survey of Math
Math 103   Elementary Statistics
Math 104   Quantitative Reasoning
Math 111   College Algebra

Majors, such as business and STEM majors, require additional math.

Math Pathways infographic


* Some majors require additional math courses. It is important to begin on your Math Pathway in your first semester, so you can progress in your major.


NOTE: Not all students will have to take Math 10 or Math 15. It depends on the results of your placement test.

Students who complete their required pathway math courses by 30 credits are 6 times more likely to graduate within 4 years
Retention rate – 30 % higher for students who complete their math requirement in the first year


Take the placement exam.

This will determine whether you can enroll  in one of the gateway math courses or you will need to first take Math 10 or Math 15. 

Identify what meta major or major interests you the most.

This will help identify the appropriate math pathway.

Get a Jump Start.

If you did not place directly into a 100 level math course, you can get a jump start by participating in our summer Math Move Up program. 

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