Promise programs

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside now has two Promise programs available to Wisconsin residents.  Our Promise programs are designed to make college more affordable and to provide additional support.  Both Parkside Plus and the Wisconsin Tuition Promise are structured to provide "last dollar grant" support if needed for tuition and fees after federal and state grant aid has been applied. 

Parkside Plus


Eligibility Requirements

  • Wisconsin Resident: Yes
  • New Freshman: Yes
  • Financial Eligibility: FAFSA required. Estimated Student Aid Index (SAI) between -1,500 and 2,000 *
  • Minimum HS GPA:  2.20
  • Full-time enrollment required: Yes, continuous enrollment required
  • Lifetime Limit: 8 semesters
  • No previous employment criteria

In addition to the required freshman seminar and Kick start program, Parkside Plus students will receive additional academic support.  

For more information, visit Parkside Promise Plus.

* Financial Eligibility requirements will be adjusted once additional information is received regarding FAFSA related changes. 

Wisconsin Tuition Promise


Eligibility Requirements

  • Wisconsin Resident: Yes 
  • New freshman and new transfers: Yes
  • Financial Eligibility: FAFSA required, adjusted gross income of $62,000 or less 
  • Full-time enrollment required: Yes, continuous enrollment required
  • Lifetime Limit: 8 semesters of full time enrollment (for new freshman)
  • Previous WI employment required

New Freshman in the Wisconsin Tuition Promise will be required to take a Freshman Seminar class in their first term and participate in Kick Start.

The availability of the program for new students starting in Fall 2024 has not yet be determined.   For more information, visit UW Systems Wisconsin Tuition Promise.

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