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45 Credits

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Transfer Policies

Students transferring from non-baccalaureate institutions to Parkside may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions toward the 120 credits required for degree completion. UW-Parkside may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. A minimum of 15 credits numbered 300 or above must be completed at Parkside

Communication Major catalog information

Graduation Requirements  |  Communication Major


The following requirements are in addition to the university general education requirements. Please use this guide in tandem with the Degree Requirements Transfer Guide.

Communication Major | 48 Credits



Core Courses | 24 credits


CMM 121

Public Speaking

  SPCH 105



CMM 124

Oral Interpretation


COMM 205



Communication and the Human Condition*


COMM 107

ENG 123

Media and Society*


COMM 108


Introduction to the Communication Discipline Part I


COMM 207


Introduction to the Communication Discipline Part II


COMM 208


Sophomore Seminar


COMM 295





ENG 126

Advanced Composition


ENGL 201





ENG 124 Writing for Multimedia   COMM 255

*Student must earn a grade of C or better for credit toward the major.

Communication Elective Courses | 15 credits
The student must choose a total of 5 COMM courses:
1. Any level COMM course (3 credits)
2. 300-level COMM courses (9 credits)
3. 400-level COMM course (3 credits).

General Elective Courses Outside Communication Department | 300/400-Level | 6 credits
Courses selected in consultation with advisor.

Required Capstone Course | 3 credits
Senior Seminar (COMM 495) is only offered at Parkside.

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