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Transfer Policies

Students transferring from non-baccalaureate institutions to UW baccalaureate-granting institutions may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions toward the credits required for degree completion. UW institutions may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate.

History Major catalog information

Graduation Requirements  |  History Major


The following requirements are in addition to the university general education requirements. Please use this guide in tandem with the Degree Requirements Transfer Guide.

Common Fundamental, Preparation and Core Course Requirements for all History Majors  |  39 credits



Required Courses  |  21 credits

HST 221

The United States, Origins-Reconstruction

HIST 101
HST 222

The United States, Reconstruction-Recent Times

HIST 102
HST 121 or HST 141

Western Civilization I: From Antiquity-1300

HIST 118 or HIST 126
HST 122

Western Civilization III: From 1815-Present

HIST 120 or HIST 128
HST 141

World History I: From Antiquity-1300

HIST 126

Western Civilization II: The Middle Ages-1815

HIST 119

World History II: From 1300-1800

HIST 127

World History III: 1800-Present

HIST 128

Sources and Methods in History

HIST 250

History Capstone

HIST 497


History Elective Courses | 18 credits
a. 300-400 level HIST courses | 12 credits
b. 300-400 level non-Western area e.g. Africa, Asia, Middle East HIST course | 3 credits
c. Any level HIST course | 3 credits



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