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Transfer Policies

Students transferring from non-baccalaureate institutions to Parkside may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions toward the 120 credits required for degree completion. UW-Parkside may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. A minimum of 15 credits numbered 300 or above must be completed at Parkside.

Criminal Justice Major catalog information

Graduation Requirements  |  Criminal Justice


The following requirements are in addition to the university general education requirements. Please use this guide in tandem with the Degree Requirements Transfer Guide.

Criminal Justice Studies Associate of Applied Science to Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


  • This guide is an unofficial estimate of how courses will transfer to UW-Parkside and is subject to change. Students are strongly encouraged to work with a UW-Parkside Transfer Counselor as they complete the above courses.
  • An Applied Associates degree does not waive a student of the General Education and Skills course requirements needed to graduate from UW-Parkside.


890-155 Gateway to Success - Does Not Transfer 0
504-900 Intro to Criminal Justice CRMJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
504-902 Criminal Law CRMJ 380 Criminal Law 3


Intro to Security - Does Not Transfer 0
801-136 English Comp I ENGL 101 Composition and Reading 3
103-143 Computers For Professionals TRAN 1XX College Elective 3
804-135 Quantitative Reasoning MATH 104 Quantitative Reasoning 3
504-903 Professional Communications TRAN 2XX College Elective 3
504-905 Report Writing ENGL 202

Technical Writing

504-141 Interview, Interrogations, Confessions - Does Not Transfer 0
809-196 Intro to Sociology SOCA 101 Intro to Sociology 3
504-117 Police Administration TRAN 1XX College Elective 3

Intro to Psychology

PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology 3
504-148 Rules of Evidence TRAN 1XX College Elective 3

Community Policing Strategies

CRMJ 490

Special Topics in Criminal Justice

504-908 Traffic Theory - Does Not Transfer 0
504-901 Constitutional Law CRMJ 316 Criminal Procedure 3
504-904 Juvenile Law CRMJ 234

Juvenile Delinquency/Juvenile Justice

504-906 Criminal Investigation Theory TRAN 1XX College Elective 3
801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communications 1SSC General Education Credit 3
809-159 Psychology, Abnormal 1SSY General Education Credit 3
XXX-XXX Elective Course XXX-XXX Contact a UW-Parkside Counselor 3
      UW-Parkside Credits Earned at Gateway 54


Please reach out to the UWP Transfer Team ASAP to confirm course equivalencies and to understand how many credits will be needed at Parkside to complete the degree.
*Credits transferring to UW-Parkside may not fulfill requirements needed to graduate*

UWP Transfer Team: Jenna Balek Seth Lane Stacy Tinholt (Online/Re-entry)

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