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Transfer Policies

Transfer students who have an interest in pursuing a degree with a business related major should meet with the College of Business, Economics, and Computing (CBEC) academic advisor as early as possible to go over the transfer course evaluation and prerequisites.

Transfer students may fulfill some of the requirements for the business department majors at UW-Parkside by transferring appropriate courses taken elsewhere (check with the CBEC academic advisor). However, all students must complete at UW- Parkside at least 50 percent of the total business department credits required for the bachelor of science degree with majors in accounting, business management, management information systems or marketing. The total business department credits include the business preparation courses, the business foundation core courses, and the major courses. No more than 50 percent of the required credits for a major may be transferred. Only courses with a grade of C or better will be accepted (C-minus is not acceptable) to fulfill a major requirement. Only junior/senior level courses in business from regionally accredited four-year colleges or universities are eligible to be transferred for any 300 - 400 level course in business. Students should work with the CBEC academic advisor and any such transfer credit should be approved by the associate dean.

Students transferring from non-baccalaureate institutions to Parkside may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions toward the 120 credits required for degree completion. UW-Parkside may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. A minimum of 15 credits numbered 300 or above must be completed at Parkside

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Graduation Requirements  |  Management Information Systems


The following requirements are in addition to the university general education requirements. Please use this guide in tandem with the Degree Requirements Transfer Guide.

The MIS major includes fundamental and business preparation courses (31 credits), upper-level foundation core courses (18 credits), and MIS courses (24 credits) as defined below.

Common Fundamental, Preparation and Core Course Requirements for all Name Majors  |  ## credits





MIS Course  | 24 credits


Required MIS Foundation Core Courses  |  18 credits

CIT 135 Business Programming I – Visual Basic MIS 221
- Business Programming II – C# MIS 322
- IT Infrastructure MIS 327
- Database Management Systems MIS 328
- Systems Analysis and Design MIS 425
- Basics of Project Management PMGT 341

MIS Elective Courses  |  6 credits
Choose one or two courses from:

- Internet Programming MIS 422
- Advanced Business Data
MIS 424
- Field Project MIS 426
- IS Planning and Project Management MIS 428
- e-Business MIS 429
- Advanced Project Management
Tools and Techniques
PMGT 441

Choose no more than one course from: 

- Internship in Management
Information Systems
MIS 494
- Web Concepts II CSCI 322
- Data Structures and Algorithm Design CSCI 340
- UNIX System Administration CSCI 435
- Network Security CSCI 478

Note: Students pursuing the MIS major are strongly encouraged to complete six of the twelve credits of natural sciences general education requirement with two of the following courses:

CIS 120 Introduction to Computers CSCI 105
CIT 134/137/138/141
OR MCS 124
Introduction to Programming CSCI 130
- Mobile Device Interfaces CSCI 210
MCS 140 OR 141 Computer Science I CSCI 241

MIS major students are also strongly encouraged to complete a related certificate program: cyber security, unix system administration, or world wide web publishing.

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