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The Completion Audit

The Office of the Registrar will audit your academic record to verify that you have fulfilled all of the required competencies for the certificate you wish to have conferred (awarded).

You must request this audit at the beginning of the subscription period in which you expect to complete the certificate or certificates.  Applications must be received between the 2nd and 11th day of the subscription period.  If you are unable to complete the certificate(s) during that subscription period you may request a new audit date.  Once you have paid the Audit and Conferral Fee as a Flexible Options student you will not be charged the fee again within the Flex Program.

The Audit and Conferral Fee

You will be assessed an Audit and Conferral Fee one time in the Flexible Options Program.  This fee is currently $50.00 and will be charged directly to your student account.  You are expected to pay this fee within 14 days.  (If you apply for graduation as either an undergraduate or graduate student at Parkside there will be an additional graduation fee assessed.)

Apply Online

Fill out the online application to request a Certificate Audit and Conferral.  Click on the link for the subscription you plan to finish your certificate(s).

Subscription Begin Date
Application Available
Completion Month
January 1, 2017January 2-11, 2017March 2017APPLICATION
February 1, 2017February 2-11, 2017April 2017APPLICATION
March 1, 2017March 2-11, 2017May 2017APPLICATION
April 1, 2017April 2-11, 2017June 2017APPLICATION
May 1, 2017May 2-11, 2017July 2017APPLICATION
June 1, 2017June 2-11, 2017August 2017APPLICATION
July 1, 2017July 2-11, 2017September 2017APPLICATION
August 1, 2017August 2-11, 2017October 2017APPLICATION
September 1, 2017September 2-11, 2017November 2017APPLICATION
October 1, 2017October 2-11, 2017December 2017APPLICATION
November 1, 2017November 2-11, 2017January 2018APPLICATION
December 1, 2017December 2-11, 2017February 2018APPLICATION

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