UW-Parkside CARS partnered with RCEDC to present “Helping Adult Learners Thrive at UW-Parkside.”

Webinar Explores Options for Adult Learners at UW-Parkside

Published: July 27, 2020
By: UW-Parkside Marketing & Communications

On July 15, the UW-Parkside Center for Adult and Returning Students (CARS) partnered with Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) to present “Helping Adult Learners Thrive at UW-Parkside.” This 45-minute webinar is tailored to help adult learners succeed in their academic pursuits by exploring the program options and resources available. 

UW-Parkside, in partnership with RCDEC, has been working towards assisting individuals at any stage of their lives to start or complete a college degree regardless of the many responsibilities they may have. Adult students working towards a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree not only have to do their course work, but often must also balance family and work commitment as well.

UW-Parkside offers several, fully online degree completion programs for individuals who wish to return to school. The university offers a variety of program options for students at any academic level from online Associate of Arts and Sciences degree for those starting school, to multiple online Master’s degrees for those seeking to further their education. UW-Parkside also awards credit for prior learning from on the job training, military training and experience, through volunteer work, and from independent study.

The Center for Adult and Returning Students at UW-Parkside is a resource that supports adult learners through their educational journey. They strive to help adults discover what program options are right for them, complete the application process, earn credit for on-the-job training, and find support through to graduation. Their mission is to promote and advocate for adult students across campus.

Stacy Tinholt, Adult Student Enrollment Counselor, says, “Our goal is to create a place that is centralized and accessible for adult learners to get their questions and concerns addressed. We use this information to advocate and promote best practices for serving adult students across campus.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with RCEDC to spread the word about the assistance we offer prospective and currently enrolled adult students, so they have the support they need to face what has become an uncertain future.”

The webinar is now available to view on the CARS website (uwp.edu/adult). The Center for Adult and Returning Students and RCEDC will host additional webinars in the future and encourage anyone with any questions to reach out and schedule a one-on-one phone call.

Kate Walker, RCEDC Talent Recruitment Specialist, said, “RCEDC is pleased to partner with UW Parkside to support talent development needs for Racine County Employers. We look forward to continuing to provide informative updates from our education partners as they become available.”

To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact CARS at uwp.edu/adult | adult@uwp.edu | 262-595-3340


Media Contact:

Stacy Tinholt, M.S.

Adult Student Enrollment Counselor/ Online Admissions

tinholt@uwp.edu | 262-595-2597

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