John Skalbeck: Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Published: August 30, 2021

John SkalbeckJohn Skalbeck is a Professor of Geosciences & Academic Director for the Master of Science Sustainable Management Program. Professor Skalbeck’s service to the campus, the profession and the community can only be described as remarkable. He not only agrees to readily serve, but he eagerly and effectively takes on challenging leadership roles during this service.

While his service accomplishments are too great to list, a few notable leadership roles he has played include serving as Interim Director of the Center for Community Partnerships, Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Chair of the Faculty Senate, Faculty Athletic Representative, Co-developer of the Root River Environmental Education Community Center and the Center for Environmental Education, Demonstration, and Applied Research, President of the American Water Resources Association (WI Section), and the Treasurer of the Root River Council. His service is literally without boundaries, he recently engaged with multiple outreach activities with JS Global School in India and the Environmentalist Foundation of India. Even during a pandemic, he served virtually as a committee member on the COVID-19 Ranger Restart Committee.

Skalbeck has been described by his peers as “thoughtful, dedicated, open-minded, and supportive of his colleagues. He is an excellent example of someone who can build partnerships across units, hold to ideals, and rationally makes decisions from a ‘big picture’ point of view where multiple stakeholders are valued.”

Skalbeck does something beyond what is often thought of when one thinks of service; he takes time to serve and support his colleagues whether it be to attend a colleague’s cultural or art exhibit or to read a recently published article. He is genuinely interested in what others contribute to the campus and community.

Simply stated, Professor Skalbeck has made a lasting mark on this campus, his students and colleagues, the profession, and the community through his unselfish service. “He is a citizen of our campus in the fullest, and most positive sense of the word.”

Congratulations, John!

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