Parkside Presente: Season 2: Episode 5

Published: October 7, 2020
By: Gia Gutierrez/College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies

Parkside Presente: Season 2: Episode 5

Las elecciones del 2020 sin duda serán históricas y es importante estar informados y conocer a detalle las muchas razones por votar. Este episodio se enfoca en compartir cinco razones por las cuales votar este Noviembre 3.

Link de Voto Latino https://votolatino.org/

Nuestro correo electrónico presente@uwp.edu

The 2020 elections without a doubt will be historic, and today more than ever its important to stay informed, and recognize all the reasons of why voting is important. This episode focuses on five reasons for which to vote this November 3rd.

Link to Voto Latino  https://votolatino.org/

Our email for contacting us presente@uwp.edu

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