RENEW Wisconsin Recognizes University of Wisconsin-Parkside's Commitment to Clean Energy

Published: February 13, 2024
By: Emily Reed, UW-Parkside Sustainability Coordinator

Annual Clean Energy Honor Roll Features 2 MW Onsite Solar Array

UW Parkside Solar Array Site. Photo by McKinstryIn its ongoing commitment to acknowledge trailblazers in the pursuit of a clean energy future, RENEW Wisconsin honored the University of Wisconsin-Parkside for its exceptional dedication to sustainability. The recognition comes as part of the 2023 Clean Energy Honor Roll, a tradition upheld at RENEW Wisconsin's annual renewable energy summit.

The 2.1 MW onsite solar array, designed to supply the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with zero-carbon electricity, earned a spot on the Clean Energy Honor Roll. The announcement was made ahead of RENEW Wisconsin's 13th annual Energy Policy Summit, titled "Unleashing the Power of Wisconsin’s Clean Energy Potential," which took place on February 1, 2024, in Madison, WI. Images and details of the honored projects, including the UW-Parkside solar array, were showcased at the summit.

UW Parkside Solar Array Site.  Photo by McKinstryThe Clean Energy Honor Roll recognizes individuals, organizations, companies, and local governments that actively contribute to Wisconsin's transition to a 100% clean energy future. These "difference makers" play a crucial role in overcoming obstacles and steering the state towards a carbon-free energy economy.

UW-Parkside's collaboration with McKinstry on the 2 MW solar array echoes a similar initiative undertaken at UW-Platteville a year earlier. The project involved the expertise of McKinstry in designing the array, with Westphal Electric tasked with constructing and interconnecting the photovoltaic system to the grid. Notably, the electricity generated by this installation is intended for consumption by the university, differentiating it from other on-campus array operated by We Energies.

The Clean Energy Honor Roll projects selected for 2023 highlight not only the advancements in clean energy technology but also the tangible impact of such initiatives on local communities. As Wisconsin strives towards a sustainable future, RENEW Wisconsin continues to celebrate those actively contributing to the state's clean energy journey.

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