UW-Parkside Snow Removal Update

Published: December 23, 2020

Due to the reduced traffic on campus this year we will be making changes to snow removal in our larger parking lots during this snow season. 

The following areas will not be plowed during snow events this season:

  • SAC Lot E: section south of the main entryway off of CTY HWY JR
  • RITA Lot: section south of Avenue for the Arts
  • Tallent Lot: all sections north of the service road to the old East Lot; the drive lane and first row of parking stalls on the north end of Tallent Lot immediately adjacent to the Facilities Management complex, and drive lane on the east end of Tallent Lot connecting to service road to the old East Lot will be plowed due to fire hydrant access.

These are will not be plowed and should be avoided during this winter season.

Please contact the Facilities Management Office, 262-595-2228 with any questions.

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