History Department to Offer Course on Kenosha Black History

Published: March 22, 2021
By: UW-Parkside Communications

SOMERS, Wis. - UW-Parkside History Department is offering a seven-week course beginning March 29 titled “Researching Kenosha’s Black History,” taught by Professor Edward Schmitt.

“For us to begin learning, healing, and making progress as a community after the painful events of the last year, it is crucial to understand the essential contributions and challenges of Black Kenoshans throughout the city's history,” said Professor Schmitt. “This course is a first step in collaboratively exploring and sharing that rich history more widely.”

Schmitt added that, for many, the shooting of Jacob Blake and events in the aftermath exposed for the first time the racial inequality in Kenosha. For others, it laid bare the problems that the city's Black community has long faced.

In the wake of Kenosha being thrust into the spotlight, the course will look at the importance of trying to understand the historical experience of Black Kenoshans and the ways the city has navigated the urban racial tensions endemic to communities across the United States.

Because there has been limited scholarly exploration of the African American experience in Kenosha, Parkside is offering the seven-week course in an online format and students will be working to collaboratively identify, share, and reflect on a broad range of sources and voices on this topic of vital consequence to not only our local community, but to the nation.

This course is open either for university credit or for those interested in auditing. To watch an informational video of the course, please click here.

Please contact Professor Schmitt (schmitt@uwp.edu) or the UW-Parkside Registrar's Office (registrars.office@uwp.edu) for more information.

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