Campus Printing

Where and how can I print on campus?

There are seven locations on campus where you can print out a file from a computer in a campus lab or from your own laptop over even send it over from your computer from all three Residence Halls. There is more information about laptop printing and Res Hall printing at the bottom of this page.

Printing Cost

  • .06/page - black & white
  • .25/page - color
To Print to one of the Campus Pay Per Page Printers You Will need a Ranger Card or Guest Card with money or Campus Cash on it.

How do I print out a file?

When you are ready to print a file proceed as you would if you were printing it on any printer.

In the print window that appears make sure you choose one of the following printers:

  • For Windows users the printers are named LabLasers for B&W and ColorLaser for Color
    For Mac users the printers are named Black & Whiter Laser and Color Printer - If printing from a personal mac, when printing, please chose the name you gave printer from when you installed the special software
  • The Print Job Details window will open and ask for two pieces of information:
    1. Username
    2. Job Password - You can enter in anything for Username and Password; it's not necessary to use your Parkside credentials.
  • Proceed to the paid public printer of choice and swipe your Ranger Card as indicated on the top of the card reader.
    A Releasing Print Jobs window appears. Highlight your print job(s) but before you hit the print button look towards the bottom of that screen and see how many pages are going to print out and how much it is going to cost. If it does not look right, please cancel the job. Once you hit the print button you are responsible for paying for the pages that printed out whether you wanted them or not.
Where can I pick up a print?

Your job goes to a print queue that all the print stations see. Your print job can be released at any of the locations listed below, it prints where you swipe your card.

7  locations on Campus

Library  -----------------------------  WYLLIE 150

Molinaro labs
 ---------------------  MOLN 117

Business Lab
 ----------------------  MOLN D112

Technology Help Desk 
-----------  WYLLIE 107

SAC ----------------------------------  L1 Pool Overlook Lounge

Main Lab --------------------------  WYLLIE D150E
(B & W / Color)

Molinaro Concourse - Next to Molinaro Joes and MOLN 105 

How can I print from a personal computer?

For Laptop Printing from anywhere on campus and for those with computers in the Residence Halls

Download the Appropriate Required Print Client and Instructions Below:
Windows (x64) | Windows (x32) | Mac OS X

To Print from your device to one of the Campus Pay Per Page Printers You Will need the following:

  • A Ranger Card with money on a Campus Cash Account or A Guest Card with money on it
  • A wired connection or a wireless connection to UWP Wireless, ResNet or Eduroam

Besides the 7 locations listed above each Residence Hall has a printer running on this system in their computer labs.

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345