5.01 Membership and Eligibility

The Committee shall consist of seven elected faculty members, including at least one faculty member from each of the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Business, Economics, and Computing, the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, and the College of Natural and Health Sciences under procedures and limitations established by the faculty senate and Chapter 4 above. Only faculty members eligible to serve on executive committees of academic departments shall be eligible for membership on the Personnel Review Committee.

[Revision history: 2019 04 02.]

5.02 Election and Terms

Members of the Committee shall be elected by the Faculty for three-year terms. The terms shall be staggered so that approximately one-third of the members are elected each year. No faculty member shall serve more than seven consecutive years on the Committee, nor be nominated to a term which cannot be completed because of this provision.

[Revision history: 2019 05 07.]

5.03 Chair

The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee.

5.04 Functions

(1) The Committee shall advise the dean of the appropriate school on the following personnel recommendations:

(a) Recommendations brought forth from departmental executive committees:

        (1) for appointment or promotion to tenure,

        (2) for promotion to the rank of associate professor,

        (3) for appointment at or promotion to the rank of professor.

(b) Recommendations for promotion to tenure brought forth from the ad hoc committee under UWPF 6.10(4).

(2) The Committee shall define criteria consistent with criteria established by the Faculty for considering personnel matters.

(3) The committee may consider and make recommendations on other personnel matters on its own initiative or at the request of departments, governance groups, or administrators.

5.05 Procedures

(1) The Committee shall adopt procedures and a timetable for handling matters brought forth for its consideration and shall forward these to the Faculty Senate for its information.

(2) General

Copies of written correspondence concerning the status of a personnel case shall be provided to the candidate, the chair of the appropriate departmental executive committee, and the dean of the school. In cases involving promotion and tenure, copies shall be provided to the chair of the Personnel Review Committee and, as appropriate, the chair of the ad hoc committee under UWPF 6.10(4).

[Sections 1 & 2 revised, old sections 2-4 deleted, new sections 3 & 4 added—approved by the Faculty Senate April 18, 2006.]

(3) Actions resulting in favorable recommendations or negative advice on probationary faculty or candidates for promotion to Full Professor shall follow the procedures presented in UWPF Chapter Six. [Section approved by the Faculty Senate April 18, 2006.]

(4) Full Professor Subcommittee

A subcommittee composed of all the full professors of the Committee shall conduct the review provided in 5.04(1)(a)(3) and make its recommendations to the dean of the appropriate school within seven days of taking the action. When the Committee membership includes fewer than five full professors, a special election shall be held in the fall to bring the number on the Full Professor Subcommittee up to five. The term of office for the additional members thus elected shall end with the current Committee Year. Any full professor, except a committee member, is eligible for election to this special term, notwithstanding any recent Committee service and may stand for reelection, and thus the last sentence of 5.02 does not apply to full professors especially elected in accordance with this subsection. In no case may the Subcommittee have more than three members from a single school. In cases of negative recommendations, reconsideration may be granted under UWPF Chapter Six.  [Passed by the Faculty Senate, April 16, 1996]

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