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University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Archives Policy
Policy #7

Archive Records Management Policy for University Records 

The UW-Parkside Archives and the campus Records Manager work to identify, organize, preserve, and provide access to records of vital administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value to the university and its departments and the State of Wisconsin. It recognizes as a record all evidence of official university business created as part of such activity regardless of format.

Responsibilities of the Archives

The records manager provides guidelines in the form of records schedules (RS) and/or records retention and disposal authorities (RDA) to all university departments and individuals concerning the correct preservation and disposal of records as required by the Wisconsin Public Records Board. It informs itself of relevant standards and laws concerning university records and uses these in establishing guidelines for records management.

It determines which records are of significant historical value.

It stores records of permanent value, preserves, arranges and describes them, and provides open access to them, as statutes allow.

It provides archival expertise to the members of the university and the community.

The UW Parkside Archives promote use of its records and historical manuscript collections and maintains and communicates its guidelines through its website and in person.

The records manager will conduct periodic records surveys in each department to oversee records practices, discuss changes in records schedules, or answer any questions.

Responsibilities of Records Creators

Each records creator or handler is responsible for the correct retention and disposal of records. To achieve this, each office or department on campus should appoint one member to ensure compliance with records guidelines.

Each records creator is required to retain official records according to the records schedule and to deliver these to the archives when required.

The department or office sending records should weed non-records out of the collection before sending them to the archives.

No records may be destroyed unless the records schedule requires destruction, nor may it be destroyed before the retention time stipulated in the schedule has passed or if litigation requires the records.

The office or department in question should contact the archives regarding electronic records transfer, boxes, (which the archives may provide), labels and records transfer forms before sending the records to the archives.

For Further Information

Please consult the Archives Website or Records Management Guide or call the Archives 262 (595)-2411 with any questions or concerns.


*Revised Fall 2022

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