Policy 09

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Bookstore and Textbook Adoption
Policy #9


9.01 Background

Bookstore services at UW-Parkside are provided through a service contract bid through the process identified by UW System Purchasing and required by state law. During the term of the contract, the successful contractor has exclusive rights of operation for all typical bookstore services campus-wide. University Bookstore services include but are not limited to new and used textbooks and supplementary materials, resale merchandise, textbook rental, trade books, school supplies and equipment, art supplies, campus imprinted soft goods, reference material, novelties, greeting cards, graduation regalia and announcements, and other sundry items. University Bookstore operations and personnel are the responsibility of the University Bookstore manager. The campus contract administrator for the bookstore is the Parkside Student Center Director or designee.

9.02 Textbook Adoption Timelines

Timely textbook adoptions enable students to reference course material when making course selections and to save money by taking advantage of rental and used textbook availability; and to sell back the textbooks at the highest price possible.

9.02.01 Textbook adoptions should correlate to student course registration. Textbook adoptions deadline for Fall will be the second week of April and the last week of November for Spring.

9.02.02 Textbook adoptions should correlate into the campus course scheduling process to encourage timely adoptions.

9.03 Feedback and Evaluation Processes

9.03.01 The University Bookstore Advisory Committee shall be comprised of one representative from the following areas, along with the University Bookstore Manager and Parkside Student Center Director, or designee:

  • Deans of each College, or designees
  • Parkside Student Government (student)
  • Residence Life (student)
  • Sports & Activities Center
  • Student Center Advisory Committee (student)
  • University Relations
  • Contractor's off-campus supervisor, as needed dependent upon agenda

9.03.02 The University Bookstore Advisory Committee shall meet at least once per semester to review textbook adoption, marketing, pricing, and services.

9.03.03 The contractor shall complete an annual short question survey about product availability and selection, customer policies and service satisfaction. A full assessment of products and services shall be completed every other year. Annual assessment should be completed in October so results can be reviewed and recommendations for improvement are able to be taken into consideration for the spring semester.

9.03.04 The contractor shall have one active program of continuous quality improvement including an on-going means of obtaining and assessing reactions to University Bookstore services including, but not limited to:

Informal discussions with students, staff, and faculty.

Observing reactions and listening to comments from the customers and student employees.

Meeting with students and student groups.

9.03.05 The University Bookstore Advisory Committee shall make recommendations on evaluation processes and results which will be forwarded to the Dean of Students and Provost.

9.04 Policy Review

The Bookstore and Textbook Adoption policy shall be reviewed at least every two years and if appropriate recommendations will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.


Revised: Fall 2022

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