Policy 102

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Building Modifications Policy
Policy #102



This policy emphasizes the need for communication with Facilities Management prior to and through completion of all modification and renovation projects associated with campus buildings and structures. It is applicable to all projects.


“Modification” and “Renovation” are defined as any work that modifies or alters the constructed facility. Examples of such work can include, but are not limited to: adding, replacing or relocating doors, walls, or windows; altering or penetrating walls, floor, or ceilings; adding space to or dividing existing spaces; working on any building mechanical or utility system (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, laboratory fume hoods); working on any building life safety system (fire alarm, fire sprinkler, access control).


Campus facilities have technically complex systems. Working with and on these systems without the proper training and equipment creates safety risks, presents potential compliance issues, and could create problems with other systems. Campus facilities may also contain materials that, while posing no hazard in their current state, can present potential damage if they are disturbed. If these materials are disturbed, they must be handled and disposed of in accordance with specific regulations. The use of campus facilities requires navigating overlapping policies and regulations that govern the construction, renovation, maintenance, improvement and use.


The purpose of this policy is to assure compliance with federal, state and municipal building and safety codes and standards, including but not limited to: Wisconsin Administrative Code, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Building Code (IBC), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This policy also assures that building modifications will be done professionally and in a manner that will provide a finished product that is functional, safe, and can be economically maintained.


5.1 Adjustments, changes, additions, or deletions to any electrical, mechanical, plumbing, signal, chilled water, steam, or waste system may only be done by Facilities Management personnel or by a licensed professional under the direction of Facilities Management personnel. Computing and Technology Services (CTS) may perform or direct a licensed professional to perform changes to the technical components related to the phone system, internet, CCTV, or computer terminal cabling.

5.2 Any structural or architectural adjustments, changes, additions, or deletion to any part of a campus building or structure may only be done by Facilities Management personnel or by a licensed professional under the direction of Facilities Management personnel.

5.3 Material selection for all projects will be conducted by Facilities Management in collaboration with the applicable department(s) on campus requesting the work. Material type selection will be based on adherence to current codes and standards, including campus design and branding standards. Material type selection will also include compatibility with existing historical aesthetics, adjacent materials, anticipated wear, ease of maintenance, etc.

5.4 Any adjustments, changes, additions, or deletions to systems, structure, or architecture not done in accordance with this policy will be subject to removal and/or renovation. Any cost associated with removal and/or renovation of unauthorized work will be charged to the department(s) responsible for non-compliance.


*Revised Fall 2022

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