Medical Withdrawal/Drop Policy

103.01 Background
A medical withdrawal may be necessary in instances where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student, and in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate and or deadline has passed. This policy outlines provisions with respect to medical withdrawals and refunds beyond the 100% refund date.

103.02 Definitions
Student: Anyone who has ever been enrolled at UW-Parkside.
Immediate Family Member: A parent, guardian, sibling, spouse, child or another member of the student’s household.
Tuition: Includes both academic student fees and nonresident tuition. In the State of Wisconsin statutes, the term “academic student fees” generally applies to resident instructional fees paid by all students, and the term “tuition” applies to the additional amount paid by nonresidents (see UW System Administrative Policy 805)
Medical Withdrawal: The process used after the 100% refund period to fully remove a student from the requested term where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student.

103.03 Policy Statement
A medical withdrawal is granted in instances where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student and in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate. The medical withdrawal is to be used after the 100% refund period, as indicated in UW System Administrative Policy 805, Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction.

A request may be granted to students who experience a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; who may need to provide care to an immediate family member who is experiencing a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; or who have experienced the death of an immediate family member. Approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of pre-existing, recurring, or chronic health conditions, documentation must show that the recurrence or worsening of the condition(s) began after initiation of the term for which the withdrawal is requested.

Exceptions to any of the stated provisions in this policy can only be authorized by the chancellor or the chancellor’s designee. Any delegation of authority should be in writing and maintained in the designee’s offices. Documentation justifying exceptions should be maintained. Blanket exceptions are not authorized.

103.03.01 Policy Administration
The medical withdrawal policy shall be administered through the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office shall provide support for students seeking a medical withdrawal, helping them to understand their options and the implications of pursuing a medical withdrawal, and referring the student to necessary resources for additional support and information.

All medical withdrawal documents shall be housed on campus in a central and secure database system with restricted access due to the sensitive nature of the request and the accompanying documentation.

The medical withdrawal policy and procedures are to be made available to students as part of the overall Registrar’s policies and procedures for all students.

The medical withdrawal documents must include a supporting letter from a licensed healthcare provider or healthcare records that correlate with and substantiate the request for the term of medical withdrawal. In the case of death of an immediate family member, an obituary or other official record of death may be requested as documentation.

103.03.02 Policy Timeline
Whenever possible, requests for medical withdrawal should occur during the term in which the medical condition arose. Students may apply for a retroactive medical withdrawal up to one year after the end of the term in question. For applications submitted after the end of the term, transcript adjustments may be the only possible remedy; tuition adjustments may not be possible.

The last date of class attendance shall be considered the official withdrawal date to be used by the Registrar’s Office for recording academic record class drops and term withdrawals. Based on the date, dropped classes will either be removed entirely from student transcripts or they will continue to appear with an appropriate grade designation that will not impact GPA calculations for the student. This date will also be used by the Financial Aid Office to make award and/or repayment decisions.

103.03.03 Tuition and Segregated Fee Refund Schedule
If the Dean of Students Office determines a refund of tuition and segregated fees is in order, the following refund schedule will apply. Exceptions to the schedule may only be granted by the chancellor or designee.

Fall and Spring Full Term Courses

Week 1 100% refund
Week 2 100% refund
Week 3 90% refund
Week 4 80% refund
Week 5 70% refund
Week 6 60% refund
Week 7 50% refund
Week 8 50% refund
Week 9 40% refund
Week 10 40% refund
Week 11 30% refund
Week 12 30% refund
Week 13 and beyond 25% refund


Winter Term, Summer Term, and Non-Standard-Length Course

Week 1 100% refund
Week 2 85% refund
Week 3 70% refund
Week 4 55% refund
Week 5 40% refund
Week 6 and beyond 25% refund


The refund or proration of other fees is subject to existing university policy.

103.03.04 Integration with Related Campus Processes
Usually, consideration is for a complete withdrawal from all courses. UW-Parkside will allow the drop of one or more courses for medical reasons under this policy while the student remains enrolled in others, the medical circumstances must be especially well-documented to explain the selective nature of the academic impact.

The Dean of Students Office shall indicate to the student any necessary re-entry steps should the student be interested in returning in the future. This may include a letter from a healthcare provider indicating readiness to return and outlining aftercare recommendations–and meeting with a campus official who can review the documentation and help the student connect with resources to support continuity of care and a successful transition back to campus. The requirements for return must be consistent with all other institutional return processes.

The medical withdrawal/drop will be incorporated into the normal withdrawal/drop process. Where the reason indicated is “medical” all documentation shall be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office, as many extenuating circumstances are highly sensitive in nature and should be reviewed for tuition and segregated fee proration.

103.04 Policy Review
This policy shall become effective September 1, 2021 and be reviewed on a biennial basis (every even numbered year) no later than April 1st. Any changes shall be implemented effective the beginning of the next Fall term and/or as required by UW System policy, federal, state, and local law.

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